[MP3] Stars: "Fixed"

Hot on the heels of my post about Stars’ new tour dates and mention of upcoming single, “Fixed”, comes…”Fixed”. This is the first track available off Stars’ forthcoming fifth LP, The Five Ghosts, and thank god it’s Amy Millan taking the reigns. Because she’s pretty much one of the best female vocalists out […]

Hands gears up for release of "Hold", provides new, instrumental MP3 "Tonight"

So, that happened quickly. Remember when I profiled L.A. duo Hands a couple months ago and said “watch for big things soon”? Well, uh, I wasn’t expecting this soon. They’re on top of several playlists, notably with their glorious single “Hold”, which will be released in physical format February 26 on German label […]

[MP3] Freelance Whales: “Rise & Shine” (new, live at WOXY)

THE hot new media/blog darlings, Freelance Whales, stepped into the WOXY studios for a live session in December and laid down a new track, called “Rise & Shine”, which is much folksier than their previous tight, electronic material. And while I love what I’ve heard so far of the older stuff (how am […]

Akudama drops free August EP, “Barbershop”

Our Akudama friends keep churning ’em out – they haven’t once flaked on the whole monthly free EP thing yet. Impressive stuff. Also, they’re starting to add more shows to their bill (Pianos in NYC Sept. 8, 15, and 22 + Boston’s Middle East Upstairs this Thursday, 8/6) and are gaining increasing popularity. […]

Akudama drops free July EP, Sun

The New York crew is at it again with their monthly free EPs, and they’ve managed to show improvement on each one (which is difficult because I loved the first effort I heard), establishing even further chemistry. This one mirrors the time of its release, as “Sun (From Underneath The Lake)” is a […]

[MP3] New Beat Radio: “Behind The Blue”

Brian Sendrowitz, the lead man behind Beat Radio, sent us a few rough mp3s a little while ago out of the pure warmth of all human beings, and now is releasing one of them (my favorite of the bunch) to the general public. Catch “Behind The Blue”, with more of the typical, copyright […]

[KR Exclusive MP3] New demo from The Scarlet Ending!

The Scarlet Ending

Well, aren’t we just the luckiest people ever? Those Scarlet Ending fiends, Kaleena and Kayleigh Goldsworthy (and crew), are up to their old tricks again. Let’s take you back in time to the middle of March to put this in context a bit…

Ahhhhh! As promised, Kaleena Goldsworthy of The Scarlet Ending has sent Knox Road two pre-produced JUST recorded new demos from their up-coming album to be released later this year (probably around July).

And in that sharing spirit arises another new track (specifically coinciding with the launch of their new website!), this time sent to us by Kayleigh (they really do share the love), all raw and pre-produced and stuff. Hopefully, once the tracks are finished products, you’ll have heard how an album progresses from its original bare-art stages to something of grandiose instrumentation and production (which The Scarlet Ending perfect) – you’ll perhaps even see these songs evolve into something quite different when you hear them in September – when the album is likely due out. So much goes into the thought process between pre-production and post-production that even pieces of the songwriting could change.

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New Phoenix song from upcoming album ‘Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix’!

Wow. I’m currently at work but I couldn’t resist this post! Thanks to Berlin Battery I just found a new song on Phoenix’s website called “1901”. You can get it for free download there so hit up their site! Phoenix has delivered some wonderful pop gems in the past and they fail […]

The Next Big Thing: Starlume (with exclusive MP3s)

Wow, talk about a band blowing me off my feet. I had never heard of Starlume until I stumbled upon their music on MySpace. I messaged them with a hope that maybe I would get some info regarding the group, since I couldn’t find much of their music anywhere. However, not […]

New Dayliner Song: “The Promise Ring”

Dayliner, as part of their monthly promise, has delivered a February mp3, this time in the form of a rougher cut (desired effect?). The song is called “The Promise Ring”, which we have up for download right here at Knox Road! Be sure to visit their website for more mp3s (of […]