Tor Miller: “Midnight”

It’ll be Friday night soon. What will you be doing at midnight? I hope you the feel the same way as Tor Miller.

(PS: Miller is only 20 years old.)


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Palehound: “Pet Carrot”

palehound pet carrot

The ’90s were the last, and in fact, the most definitive epoch in the music discovery evolution that grew from early DJs introducing new singles on the radio, to the music streaming ‘arms race’ that has managed to reduce the experience of finding a new band to a Google search, a click of the mouse, or spending five minutes on iTunes listening to bands that have nice headshots.

Once upon a time, I would venture into a Backside Records (because that’s what you did), or aimlessly roam the aisles of a Virgin Megastore; reveling in the ‘shot in the dark’  experience (think Kurt Cobain shopping in a Salvation Army in Aberdeen), of buying a record that had twelve tracks, all of which I had never heard before the five-minutes I spent on a dirty headphone sampling booth, which required the dedication of a music fan willing to purchase new ‘merch’ at a gig, even push through a pit (risking bodily harm) to get close enough to feel the spray of sweat from the bass players fingertips. It was a time where unless you were vacuous enough to subscribe to “free” CD mailers from Columbia House, you would have to engage in a music hunting bloodsport to discover new bands that weren’t being reviewed by Rolling Stone or part of an MTV music video show hosted by Kennedy or Kurt Loder. All of which, if you’ve been living in a cave since 1998, no longer exist.

Ellen Kempner, now nineteen-years-old, was born right around the time Kurt Cobain was found dead in his Lake Washington greenhouse. She’s a product of the ’90s, and while she may not have had the opportunity to see Shannon Hoon’s acid-induced Woodstock performance, or purchase Vans and flannel-shirts without being ‘vintage,’ she somehow seems to perfectly tap into the insular, somewhat quirky, and angst-filled emotions that so many artists embodied during the ’90s — when being sarcastically unhappy was the topic of reality TV shows and song lyrics that embodied the now extinct remnants of ‘Seattle Sound.’

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It’s no secret that we love Morr Music around these parts. So when we hear about a new Morr artist, we’re quick to jump on them. Fenster, a New York/Berlin based trio, are set to release their new album, Bones, March 13, just in time for their US live debut and SXSW.

Fenster […]

[MP3] Cultfever: “Knewyouwell”

Not sure how I missed this a couple months ago, but Cultfever, a New York duo, released a stunning s/t debut album in November. J. Peter Durniak and Tamara Jafar, the driving Cultfever forces, created an extraordinarily lush album opener with “Knewyouwell,” showcasing Jafar’s charmingly innocent vocals and an array of experimental electronics.


[MP3] Kodacrome: “Modern Man”

One of the newest indie electronic duos to hit the scene, Kodacrome, has released their single “Modern Man” for free download. The two collaborators, Elissa Pociask and Ryan Casey, have teamed up from opposite coasts of the continent, but will soon be working together in person for a slate of upcoming Kodacrome material.


Duchess Leo

Another Saturday post, another “Saturday” song. Nothing big, nothing chaotic, everything peaceful. Not to say there’s no complexity here, because there is, but it’s soothing complexity (…work with me here). Regardless, let “Bloom” usher in the rest of your weekend.

Duchess Leo – “Bloom” [MP3]


Artist: Duchess Leo (New York) Album: Golden […]

Snow Kite

I’m going with Snow Kite‘s label’s (Denmark’s Kanel Records) theme of telling us little to nothing (erring on the side of nothing) about the band. They also wished us a “roady” kind of weekend, the “knoxy” way. Aw, thanks, guys!

Snow Kite, from New York, demands you listen to the EP in full. So […]

[MP3] High Highs: “Open Season”

While I’m not entirely sold on their first single (uh oh, did I actually start off a post with some slight negative words? blogging no-no!), any band opening for The Radio Dept. deserves my attention (Knitting Factory, November 30).

High Highs are a relatively new group from New York and clearly have a […]

Oak Island

A mere 339 plays on…and the music is actually really good! Oak Island, aka Jeff Zito, is the kind of artist I’m more than willing to post about.

A musician, writer (check out his blog, “Eating A Hobo”, here), and apparent cat-lover (check out his Bandcamp pics…) based out of Queens, New York, […]

Shayna Zaid & The Catch

Going back to familiar territory for me here in the female singer/songwriter category. It’s rather surprising that New York’s Shayna Zaid & The Catch haven’t received more publicity; yeah, they’ve been featured on commercials occasionally and whatnot, but has anyone actually heard their name?

Shayna Zaid is the lead singer (starting with the […]