[MP3] Letting Up Despite Great Faults: “Teenage Tide”

Having become a staple on Knox Road and one of our good friends from our few years of blogging, electronic pop masterminds Letting Up Despite Great Faults will continue to get play here as long they keep making music we love.

They recently released a new track off their forthcoming EP, Paper Crush, […]


Welcome eskimeaux, aka Gabby Smith, to our lineup of new, mystery acts. Her email contained a link to her album, I Am A Spiral, and basically nothing else. Seriously. I could have explored more in depth and provided you with some background, but oftentimes intrigue catches our ears the most.

The music has a […]

Dabbles In Bloom

Dabbles In Bloom are a super young band, and it shows through their music, but only in the best of ways. They’re a group of musicians out of Washington (state) who define “cute” indie pop, with jangly instrumentation and back and forth male-female vocals. Perfectly suited for kids’ commercials or a cut of […]

Maur Due & Lichter

Don’t you just love foreign electronic pop?? Well DUH, of course you do! Maur Due & Lichter, out of Austria, bring to mind modern electro-pop outfits such as The Notwist and Lali Puna (two personal favorites) with their subdued, airy vocals and pressing electronica.

Maur Due & Lichter are two Viennese-based students in their […]

[MP3] Elsinore: “Lines”

Elsinore released their much-anticipated album, Yes Yes Yes, today, along with an accompanying track for free download. I last provided you with “Yes Yes Yes”, the first promo song from the album, which melted me with super handclaps and an adorable sing-a-long chorus.

“Lines” is more subtle with its sound, but still has […]

Notable Album Release: Sara Radle – Four

Sara Radle is one busy lady. She recently completed an album (Measures) for her band Walking Sleep, which was released May 25, and now she’s got a new solo album, Four, set to drop September 14. Combining precious, sugary vocals (almost too sweet, to be honest) with an odd (but cool!) blend of […]

[MP3] Arran Arctic: “The Door”

“The Door” is Arran Arctic‘s latest single, the first off his forthcoming album, In My Hands, and comes as a major change from the artist about whom I previously wrote, “The hushed vocals breed such a profound tranquility”. Not so anymore. The general tone of the music has changed gears from quieter folk […]

New Radical Face EP: Touch the Sky

Storyteller extraordinaire Ben Cooper has done it again. The musician, songwriter, visual artist and fifty-percent of Electric President released a new digital EP this week under his solo moniker, Radical Face. To be used as a bridge between his 2007 release Ghost and future projects, Touch the Sky reintroduces one to their past. […]

Panda Riot

Panda Riot, a four-piece out of Chicago (well, technically a five-piece – they consider the drum machine a member…), recently released their latest EP, Far & Near, and it’s some sunny (I know, as if you needed MORE sun) dream pop, closely aligning itself with the sound of much-hyped School of Seven Bells.


[MP3] School of Seven Bells: “Windstorm”

As previously mentioned in a “Notable Album Release” post, School of Seven Bells are releasing their much-anticipated sophomore LP, Disconnect From Desire, July 13. Well, in case you haven’t noticed, it’s July. And it was yesterday too. Which means Disconnect From Desire is officially out real soon…and, of course, a new promo track […]