[Hype Hype Hooray] The Addict is Back


Note: About a year ago I wrote a column highlighting my addiction to procuring and listening to new music. After my external hard drive crashed, I reevaluated my life and took a much-needed sabbatical. But after recently giving in to Spotify, I have felt the monster of addiction return, like a cold, dark moon creeping over the horizon. The following was written in the midst of a recent all-day Spotify binge.

I feel it all I feel it all I feel it all sings Feist so sweetly into the chasm inside my head, so deep and empty and space so much empty space such a vast endless void for it all for me to take it all in. I search and navigate and discover and gasp and save it as a playlist always save it as a playlist making playlists from my playlists playing lists of all my playlists, and then there’s friends’ lists and critics’ lists and musicians’ lists too many lists and I can’t help myself can’t help myself but to feel it all and feel it all and hear it all and feel it all.

Chromatics take me into the black. Crystal Castles give me the plague. Flaming Lips show me the terror. Jagwar Ma has me howlin’. The Nighttime Adventure Society brings the doctor. Kendrick Lamar kills my vibe. Alt-J dissolves me. Wampire pulls up in the hearse. Modest Mouse buries me with it. King Tuff is dancing on my grave. Michael Kiwanuka takes me home again where my eyes flutter open to the dawn of a new day another chance to immerse my tender mind in the cluttered infinity of the world of music day after day all over again.

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Music in Australian GetUp!’s “It’s Time.” commercial

How can you not love this video (if you haven’t seen it yet)? It took me all of five seconds to go searching for the stunning background song.

Oliver Tank – “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion” [MP3]

Get the entirety of Oliver Tank’s Dreams EP for free on Bandcamp.


Does the Siren Festival’s facelift really hurt anybody?

Yes. Yes it does. But I say that with a hint of over-dramatics. The Siren Music Festival has gathered thousands of music fans to Coney Island every year for the last ten years, boasting free admission to see great veteran acts (New York Dolls, Broken Social Scene, Built To Spill, Ted Leo, etc.) […]

Welcome Back Sailors

Most of the chilled-out space jams we hear in the scene today are from the good ol’ USA (a lot of European and Latin/South American music seems too dancey party or something). But straight out of Italy is Welcome Back Sailors. The duo released their debut EP, I’ll Be There to modest blog […]

James Blake’s debut is brilliant art but inaccessible music

James Blake is one of those musicians that fits into that category called “art.” The British musician’s style can best be described by however you decide to describe it. Personally, I think of Blake as an experimental electronic crooner/composer. If you disagree, you’re probably just as right as I am. Blake released three […]

Iron & Wine venture into unexpected territory on Kiss Each Other Clean

Honestly, I hadn’t listened to Iron & Wine much in the past five years. 2004’s Our Endless Numbered Days–and even moreso non-album tracks “No Moon” and “Sinning Hands”–was my “fall asleep” music in my first year of grad school. But I hadn’t paid much attention to Sam Beam’s latest work, so I expected more gentle […]

The Decemberists escape to the country on The King Is Dead

When I fired up this new Decemberists album for the first time I was blown away by how much it sounded like Tom Petty. That’s right, Tom Petty. Specifically, Tom Petty’s hit “You Don’t Know How It Feels.” During the course of those first strange 15 seconds of “Don’t Carry It All,” the […]

[Abby’s Road] The Grass is Always Greener

Grüß Gott everyone. I’m as moved to Germany as one can be while waiting for every piece of furniture they own to arrive on a ship from America. Thought I’d take some of the spare time I have to spin you a little yarn – you know how I do. Munich […]

Interview with Nicole Atkins

Nicole Atkins interview

Three years ago, I caught a particularly memorable episode of The Late Show with Conan O’Brien. Yes, Coco told some jokes and interviewed Hulk Hogan, but it was pop noir artist Nicole Atkins who caught my attention with her performance of “Maybe Tonight,” the lead track from 2007’s critically acclaimed major label debut, Neptune City. I had missed the hype in prior months; Neptune City was the catchy, lush, atmospheric gem I was looking for.

In a recent half hour phone interview with Atkins, I learned that she thought the Conan performance “sucked.” She seems much more pleased, however, with her band, Nicole Atkins & The Black Sea, and its heavily anticipated sophomore record, Mondo Amore. Atkins spoke to Knox Road about Mondo Amore, the recording process, b-sides, touring, and Twitter.

You can check out the lead track from Mondo Amore, “Vultures,” and b-side cover of experimental German rock group Can, “Vitamin C.” By the time you finish listening to these tracks, you might make it through this marathon interview.

Nicole Atkins – “Vultures” [MP3]
Nicole Atkins – “Vitamin C” [MP3]

With Mondo Amore coming out Feb. 8 and a tour starting next week (yes, it hits New York City AND Washington, D.C.), we naturally opened up our conversation on the topic of her “every show” dress, picked out with her guitarist Irina Yalkowsky.

Atkins: […]I just started wearing it. We just did a tour with The Black Keys and I think I wore it every single show. It required very little thought, although it was kind of hard to find places that do five-hour dry cleaning.

Knox Road: Oh I bet. I always wondered about that because you often see bands who like to wear suits and some are just casual, but I always thought you had a pretty cool fashion sense for your shows. It always fit the music in a way.

Atkins: I feel like if I ever wore jeans on stage, it wouldn’t feel like a show. When people go to work, they put their work clothes on, and when people get on stage and are going to entertain you, [they] put an entertainment outfit on.

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[Hype Hype Hooray] Indie Musicians Honor the Sanctity of Christmas

Every [two weeks?] Jamie Hale takes a long, hard look at the music industry and the blog scene that feeds it. Here, he releases those findings and makes snarky, sarcastic remarks. Admittedly, both Jamie and Knox Road are a part of this scene. So sue us.

Every December, there is a war waged […]