[MP3] Birds & Batteries: “The Golden Age of Dreams”

Psychedelic with a trace of Phil Collins? Yes, please. “The Golden Age of Dreams” puts my mind at ease on this mundane Monday. If only every week could start off with such optimism.

Birds & Batteries, out of San Fran, are set to drop their new album, Stray Light, August 7 via Eightmaps.


[MP3] The Sinclair Sinclair: “Feel”

The Sinclair Sinclair have reclaimed a small piece of the early ’90s 4AD sound for themselves. While not as sugary sweet as Cocteau Twins, they’re mining the same ethereal landscape much of the 4AD roster owned at that time. “Feel” is a nice sample of what The Sinclair Sinclair do. This […]

[MP3] Cold Bear: “Peloponnese”

There are few things nicer than stumbling on really fantastic new music on Bandcamp. A few weeks ago I ran across Brooklyn’s Cold Bear and I’ve been hooked on their amazing 8+ minute song “Peloponnese.” This track begins almost as a pulse that slowly comes to life, breathing on its own and literally […]

Rems Floating Chandelier

I don’t know where bands get their names from these days. I mean, seriously. Rems Floating Chandelier? I guess the less sense the name makes, the more authentic the band is. …Kidding. I hope.

Luckily, this very new trio (started in March, 2011), from Northern Virginia, deserves to call themselves whatever they want, […]

Ivory Weeds

As I’m sure is the case for many of you, the music I listen to is dictated by my mood. So if you’ve been finding more subdued music here lately, you can equate that with how I’m feeling. Knox Road is here to show you everything we enjoy, as music fans and listeners, […]

[MP3] Oh Ye Denver Birds: “I Believe In Love, Kid”

Why did it take me so long to find this song?? Despite parts of the track sounding like Pogo’s “Upular” Pixar remix, Oh Ye Denver Birds’ “I Believe In Love, Kid,” is a shimmering, frenetic pop gem.  Male and female vocals play off each other, the rhythm winds in and out, and falsetto […]


Weird grammar notwithstanding, the kids behind Pittsburgh experimental quartet, IKE., (including RIVKA‘s Reggie Wilkins) know what they’re doing. Oftentimes it’s difficult to tell when a band is actually having fun making music, but with IKE. it’s apparent from the very start; I can see them smiling through my speakers.

IKE.’s sound is sincere to […]

Korea in the Space

I listened to this late last night and wasn’t sure if I’d like it again in the morning. I thought it was one of those times where everything I put on I enjoy (happens, like, every night…bad news for blogging), but, in this case, I’m still in like. Thankfully.

“Hi” is not quite […]

[MP3s] Vanish Valley: “Races” & “The Bottom”

Vanish Valley, a four man squad from LA,  today released their second album, Get Good. Led by Andrew McAllister and his raspy vocals, Vanish Valley produces catchy indie rock with bits of folk and ol’ country livin’. Check out two tracks below, and give Get Good a listen. It’ll make you feel nice.


Notable Album Release: The Moth & The Mirror – Honestly, This World

The Moth & The Mirror is a Scottish supergroup of musicians from bands such as Frightened Rabbit, The Reindeer Section (a supergroup in its own right) and Arab Strap, among others. They are set to release their debut album, Honestly, This World, on October 10 via Olive Grove Records.

Honestly, This World‘s sound is […]