“That’s it, right there,” I said to myself, “right when the bass line hits, 40-seconds in, the sound grabs you like a hungry beast looking for satisfaction. ” The crunching guitars and driving drums on “Swimming Pool,” the opening track on the FatCat debut of West Sussex trio TRAAMS, is a bodacious opener […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday: Modest Mouse

Can you imagine that it was five years ago when this was recorded? I feel so old. And I’m not so old, which makes it weirder that I feel that way.

Whatever. This is a live performance of Modest Mouse’s “The World At Large” that seems to have aired on PBS in 2005. It’s […]

Modest Mouse unleashes video for “The Whale Song”

I guess I’m a day late on this, but the awesomeness here completely outweighs the lack of punctuality. It’s a new Modest Mouse video! It’s for “The Whale Song,” and looks like exactly what I’d expect from a Modest Mouse video. There’s sub-primitive Iron Man technology, Isaac Brock playing the guitar while sort of […]

Modest Mouse is still awesome on EP of rejects

Now is as good a time as any to mention this isn’t “new” Modest Mouse music. Of course it’s non-album material, but it’s not like the band just recently sat down and wrote the thing. In fact, No One’s First and You’re Next is comprised of songs written during the Good […]

[MP3] New new Modest Mouse: “The Whale Song”

A couple days ago, I told you about Modest Mouse’s new 7″, Autumn Beds, which features new songs “Autumn Beds” and “The Whale Song.” Well you heard the former, so here’s the latter. The song is a rolling six-minute piece that we haven’t really seen from the band in a while, so here’s to […]

[MP3] New Modest Mouse: “Autumn Beds”

Modest Mouse is gearing up to release another 7″, effectively teasing all of us by offering new songs without compiling a full album. The new one features “Autumn Beds” and another song called “Whale Song,” whatever that is. It’s due out in independent record stores June 20 because nothing is more […]

9:30 Club announces Modest Mouse, Peter Bjorn & John, etc.

The 9:30 Club just announced a bunch of new shows for the spring including Modest Mouse and Peter Bjorn and John. There is actually a surprising number of exciting shows in the mix. You can see the full schedule and buy tickets at their website. Highlights of the just-announced shows below.