Second Hand Heart

For the chilly nights after crazy hot days. My favorite kind of night. I could sit outside for hours.

Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Trouble” [MP3 via SoundCloud] Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Tu me perds” [Link to stream]

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Hayden Calnin

I saw you as you were. The red hue on your cheeks. Your glistening eyes. Your silhouette as you walked away from me forever. But hope keeps us alive, and I never stopped smiling. Who am I without the white of my teeth?

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Little Red: Indie Doo Wop from Australia

This one comes as a recommendation from one of our Australian readers, Jeremy, and is definitely a bit of a different style than what you may be used to from us (half the fun of having a blog is writing about whatever the hell you want). And what better time to stray from […]

Chloë’s back! Sorry Australia, it’s America’s turn

Doesn’t she just look ready? See, Chloë has quite an interesting back story, which provides hope for artists and musicians struggling to cope with the balance between pressures from record labels versus “making it on your own” with the music you want and expect.

About five years ago, Chloe was starting to hit […]


Another Australian on Knox Road? That’s right, this time we bring you the one and only, Whitley (Lawrence Greenwood), a 22 year-old singer/songwriter from Melbourne. His debut full-length, The Submarine, displays an admirable acoustic appeal with layered electronic subtleties and heart-warming, breathy vocals. For such a young kid, Greenwood delivers a fantastically mature […]