Marching Band releases new EP And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That

One of our favorite bands on Knox Road (and of the Swedish-variety, which is always a major plus), Marching Band, has returned with their latest EP, And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like That. There are some groups whose material I will not hesitate to post when it comes our way, and Marching Band […]

Marching Band's Pop Cycle is more reserved than Spark Large

I don’t usually mention previous albums in the title of album reviews; I like to wait until the review to touch on context and from where the current album stems. However, Marching Band’s Spark Large, released in 2008, was a diamond in the rough for me – I hadn’t heard a thing about […]

[MP3] Marching Band: “Another Day”

Swedish indie pop duo, Marching Band, has made available the first track off their forthcoming (May 18) sophomore album, Pop Cycle, for free download. In case you forget, I previewed Pop Cycle with a “Notable Album Release” post, as this is a much-anticipated album for me. I have heard it, but you’ll have […]

Marching Band to follow up spectacular debut album, Spark Large, with Pop Cycle

Best news of the week day past hour! Marching Band, those Swedish wunderkinds, are back! The duo is set to release a sophomore LP entitled Pop Cycle in May 2010 on U & L Records. Pop Cycle is said to be slightly darker than Spark Large, which has to be expected, considering Spark […]

MP3s of some SXSW artists, part three

The third installment of my SXSW artists feature. If you’re new to the game, I list some of the acts I’m excited about, with mp3s and a brief note about each.

So far, I’ve done A-E, F-J, and today I work the extensive K-O. More to come soon! (See the […]

Radiohead performing 15 Step with the USC Trojan marching band at last night’s Grammy

Jealous, Chris Martin?

Marching Band

Wow. From out of nowhere (well, actually, thanks to Heartache with Hardwork for the heads up), Marching Band, a duo (Erik Sunbring and Jacob Lind) from Sweden, has swept me off my feet. Disclaimer: I love just about any music the Swedes put out there. They have a secret recipe for […]