Faux Fix

This is how music discovery should work. I hear a great track by a well-established artist and it happens to feature a relative unknown with whom I begin to fall in love. Such a love story happened yesterday, when I posted Son Lux’s “No Fate Awaits Me” featuring vocals by Faux Fix. Well […]

Asian She

Genre-bending indie rock pop electronic (maybe?) from Asian She, a Los Angeles duo with no Asian anything. Danceable, dark and sophisticated all at once, Asian She’s s/t EP was released back in September. Noah Lebenzon and Thomas Froggatt have a little something up their sleeves with their unique sound, and I wouldn’t be […]

[MP3] Gliss: “Hunting”

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Need some noise for after-the-food festivities to infuse your night-music soul? Gliss, a Danish/American three-piece, is happy to provide for you. Their recently released track, “Hunting,” is a multi-sensory experience; close your eyes as you listen and see the flashing neon lights.

Gliss – “Hunting” [MP3]

Gliss’ new album, Langsom […]

New music from Terraplane Sun

I need to do something about my inbox. I thought I’d have to give some sort of disclaimer regarding how I’m a little late on the “new” part, but after wading back through several tabs of email, I realized this track was sent to me just two days ago. The music world is […]

[MP3] Chelan: “On The Water”

LA’s Chelan comes at us with loopy melodies and a sound that whisks us away to places we can only touch in our dreams.  Grab for it when you wake up and it’s gone. But as long Chelan is on, we’ll be okay. Breezy female vocals and tainted electronics give Chelan their edge, […]

[MP3] KAUF: “Relocate”

We’ve got a groooovy Saturday tune in KAUF‘s “Relocate”, Ronald Kaufman’s debut single. With a 1980s vibe and and disco overtones, this electronic musician knows how to bring the funk. It’s a trance-inducing slow dance tune, and it puts me at ease. I’m ready for future material from this Los-Angeles based […]