These folks may be popular, but it’s the first I’m hearing of them, and damn am I smitten. Margret Ran Magnusdóttir, an openly gay singer, fronts the Icelandic Vök trio, and I only mention that because she’s made a point of sharing how her story, from an Icelandic perspective, has influenced her music. Regardless of what’s influenced her […]

[MP3] Milly Beau: “Taylor”

My Milly Beau friends are fast gaining momentum and ready for the big time. Since I last updated you, the group has had a major makeover. While shoring up the band members, they added a pianist with a smoothy smooth voice who could probably go solo himself. Count that as a plus. They also […]

Meklit Hadero

Honestly, I couldn’t think of better music for a Saturday afternoon. You know, it’s that time when we’re either preparing to go out for a night of festivities, getting some unfinished work done around the house, or catching up on some “me” time. We need some laid back, groovy tunes. Don’t tell me […]

A belated tribute to Landon Pigg

With Landon Pigg‘s latest album, The Boy Who Never, dropping a couple weeks ago (September 29,) I realized we’ve never really given him his fair due here on KR. I posted an mp3 from him a while back in preparation for SXSW, titled “Falling in Love in a Coffee Shop”, which has received […]

Flotilla, kinda wanna be ya

I’m beginning to think Canadians are putting something extra special in their girls’ food. They must be! I mean, so much female vocal talent coming from the country at once, it’s just not fair! We’ve already featured The O’Darling, my last post was about Metric, and Stars, as you should know, are one […]

Julian Velard covers Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”

YES! New Yorker Julian Velard is finally making a name for himself, and rightfully so. I’ve been following him for several years now, as he is a friend of a friend (thanks Moshe). It’s exciting that people are considering him to be a breakout artist for 2009, even though he’s been making music […]

Sonya Kitchell

In case you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a big fan of jazzy, raspy, (see Cerys Matthews, Adele, Rachael Yamagata, etc) female singer/songwriters. Another one, Sonya Kitchell, has caught my ear in the past few months with her latest album, This Storm, released back in September.

While her […]