Ages and Ages: “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)”

YES. I needed this song so bad. Ages and Ages hearkens back to late 90s/early 2000s indie pop, which makes my heart melt with nostalgia, appropriately coming on the heels of Knox Road’s 5 year birthday. “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)” ushers in the holiday season with explosive warmth and a soul-searing, lovely [...]

Little May: “Hide”

An indie-folk trio lady trio based out of Sydney. My interest is already piqued. But really, though, “Hide” is a lovely song and makes me feel so much better about this dreary day (not to mention the winter darkness ahead). The rolling percussion and echoed vocals turn what begins as a nice folk [...]

Eureka Birds return with new album “Strangers”

Chris walked up the front steps to the worn-down school he used to call home for 15 years. Fresh out of University, he taught English to seventh graders. It had been full of laughter, mischievous souls, and teachers who hated the place yet loved it at the same and wouldn’t give it up [...]

[MP3] Maria Taylor: “Tunnel Vision”

Um, how did this one just pass me by? Maybe because it premiered in the Wall Street Journal (everyone loves indie!). Whatever, all that matters is that Maria Taylor is coming back with a new album, Something About Knowing. It drops October 29 (via Saddle Creek) so that’s really all I’ll be listening to [...]

[MP3] The Landing: “Strange Charm”

The Landing’s “Strange Charm” is a soft piano falsetto track that’s right in my wheelhouse. Not overly experimental, which keeps it listenable, but still layered and sophisticated. It’s pretty; it’s hopeful; it’s mesmerizing. Go ahead and take the plunge.

The Landing on the web | [...]


I can get down to this holychild pizzazz; it’s the type of live music we need now and again. Hopefully it translates as well to the stage as it does to the recorded material — there is so much energy here it’s contagious. (But, man, does she need to be wearing a Lakers [...]

Body Language: “Well Absolutely”

You’d think a mad scientist — some moonlighting hacker who mastered the codes to a complex DJ software — would be responsible for the laser-beam funk that resonates out of every Body Language track. Wrong, it’s just four kids from Brooklyn influenced by Brian Wilson and from the sounds of it; Studio 54 [...]

Shadow Shadow: “1000001″

Last time I posted about Shadow Shadow (over a year ago!), calling “Riviera” “a stunning new song”, I was entirely unaware of who and what Shadow Shadow was. Now I know it’s Mattias Friberg of Logh fame, and with that knowledge comes “100001″ to supplant “Riviera” as the next great Shadow Shadow track. [...]

[MP3] Yellerkin: “Solar Laws”

She’s sitting, staring out at the small lake behind the house. Dark clouds appear in the distance, moving quickly towards her. She looks down; the far edge of the lake shows tiny little circles, making their way closer. The circles multiply, getting bigger and fast approaching. Her friends rush into the house, grabbing [...]

[MP3] Fialta: “Cars”

Fialta delivers their next great summer single with “Cars,” straying from the guy-girl harmonies for a female-driven jam. All the rest you need to know about Fialta can be found here and here, since they’re one of Knox Road’s favorites.

Summer Winter is due out July 23. Preorder it.

Fialta on Facebook | Bandcamp | Photo [...]