New music from Coed Pageant

I’ve already posted about Coed Pageant with Volume 1 — Winter Blitz — of their Seasons EPs, but feel compelled to give them a little extra space on this here modest blog, as they’ve significantly matured since that release of their final Seasons installment, Volume 4: The Fallout. It’s still raw and could use […]

[MP3] Elsinore: "Yes Yes Yes"

Want a sweet touch of pop to spice up the beginning of your weekend? Look no further than Elsinore, from Champaign, Illinois. Led by songwriter and vocalist Ryan Groff, the foursome is set to release their second full-length album, Yes Yes Yes, August 10. Groff’s inimitable falsetto vocals and the band’s lush, full, […]

Get lost in The Hudson Branch

The Hudson Branch‘s Tightrope Walker isn’t quite a grower, and I’m at fault for believing it to be one at first. I’d start listening, and as the album went on I’d grow to appreciate it more and more. Hence, a grower, right?

But I just had something of a realization: it’s not that […]

More concert info: Illinois and Yeasayer

Two more local concerts I think you should all be aware of. I know it’s a busy time of year, what between Thanksgiving and the new year, but if you have time try to check out one of these groups (especially Illinois on Tuesday if you didn’t get Vampire Weekend tickets).

December 2: […]