Tor Miller: “Midnight”

It’ll be Friday night soon. What will you be doing at midnight? I hope you the feel the same way as Tor Miller.

(PS: Miller is only 20 years old.)


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[Video] Headlights live @ The Guest Apartment

More Headlights? Awesome! They recently played a set at Baeble Music’s The Guest Apartment and it came out just peachy. Watch “Secrets” below in it’s intimate, lounge-y glory. Stripped-down Headlights still = awesome Headlights.

Watch the full concert at

Bonus: Headlights – “Telephones” [MP3] (from […]

Headlights are solid, if confusing, on Wildlife

Wildlife is one of those albums that’s really hard to have a confident opinion about. I’m sure you know the type: you know the music is good, and the band is obviously talented, but you can’t really say why it works. Just me? Oh.

Anyway, Headlights‘ Wildlife is that album. The sound has […]