Knox Road is 6 years old today!

We never thought how much this website would mean to us, but here we are, six years in, and still going strong. It really does feel like quite an accomplishment. Sure, we don’t post as much as we used to, but we’ll never get sick of listening to great new music and sharing […]

Bad Breaks

We’re back! Thanks for sticking with us through this insanely hectic month. We’re slowly but surely rounding back into form.

Bad Breaks is the project of San Antonio drummer, Chuck Kerr, who arranges all songs on piano then approaches his band with the material and makes it roll. “Won’t Come Home,” off Bad […]

Hey! It’s Knox Road’s third birthday!

No big deal, you guys, it’s just our third birthday over here at Knox Road. It seems like just yesterday I was writing about our second birthday, reminiscing about that now infamous first post. But a lot has happened in a year! I moved to the exciting metropolis of […]

New song from IVANA XL

Ivana XL has just uploaded onto her MySpace the first finished song off her upcoming release next month! It’s called “Happy Birthday” and displays the beauty we’ve come to expect from Ivana, this time with some haunting keys at the forefront. See a previous post about her (we’ve had several – so do some […]