[Abby’s Road] California Dreaming

So. It’s been a while.

Holidaymaking. Flying. Travel. Hurricanes. Not necessarily a time when one wants to be writing anything but a handful of postcards. Moreover, I was (also) cursed with a five-alarm case of writer’s block. Everything swimming around in my noodle was non-music related (far from it). I needed music’s medicinal value, yes, but I didn’t feel like mulling it over or jotting anything down about it. I just wanted to listen. Simple, really. Anyone would have been bored with what I had to say. So thanks for hanging around and reading again. Right.

While I was off exploring the cradle of western civilization and, later, revisiting my roots (read: lazing about in a cheap rented flat on the beaches of Crete and then drinking copious amounts of wine in my hometown for a 3-week visit) I listened to a lot of music, read some books and relaxed. Perfect. There was, however, despite locale and continent, one resounding musical thread throughout my autumnal journeying: Allah-Las.

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[Keep an eye on…] Collider

San Fransisco’s Collider released their debut album Down In Saturines at the beginning of the year and have since been working on promotion for their garagey pop style of music. To get a feel for how they like to describe themselves and their sound, check out their influences section on MySpace:

Named after […]