Fossil Collective: “Half Light”

Fossil Collective is in the midst of a strong run of single releases lately as they prepare to officially release The Water EP. The Leeds duo knows not to add extraneous noise to their enchanting vocals. The piano and acoustic guitar are all we need for the delicate, magnetic track. Simple is better.

The […]

Fossil Collective: “The Water”

The temperature is changing, and we’re changing too. The rhythm of our pulses steadily increases as the days become shorter and life feels a tick quicker. The sharply crisp air has a reserved mood, rendering us reflective; introverted. What lies ahead? Are we ready?

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Fossil Collective: “Boy With Blackbird Kite”

The hot water didn’t work in my apartment this morning, and the shower was ice-cold. So, I didn’t shower and now I’m having an overall “whatever, man” day. I know I can rely on music to keep my head on straight during times like these, and I thank the heavens for blessing me […]