Faux Fix

This is how music discovery should work. I hear a great track by a well-established artist and it happens to feature a relative unknown with whom I begin to fall in love. Such a love story happened yesterday, when I posted Son Lux’s “No Fate Awaits Me” featuring vocals by Faux Fix. Well […]

[MP3] Eliza Shaddad: “Hideaway” (Kiesza cover)

Check out Eliza Shaddad’s take on Kiesza’s “Hideaway” with production by Turtle. In case you forgot, I featured the Sudanese/Scottish singer a little over a month ago. She’s dynamite, and so is this cover. Shaddad recently released her debut EP, Waters, via Beatnik […]

Novelty Daughter

Novelty Daughter = Faith Harding = Wow. The twists and turns of the experimental production on Novelty Daughter’s debut album are a refreshing and welcome addition to a soulful voice. I am clueless as to what will happen from one second to the next, and that, my friends, is thrilling. Some real fun […]

Second Hand Heart

For the chilly nights after crazy hot days. My favorite kind of night. I could sit outside for hours.

Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Trouble” [MP3 via SoundCloud] Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Tu me perds” [Link to stream]

Second Hand Heart on the web | Facebook | […]

New music from Color of Clouds

The sun is past setting and she closes her blinds, flipping on three of her room lamps. She looks at the wooden floorboards of her apartment and gets lost in the maze. The steam heater in the corner spouts water into its crevices, making everything appear darker than it did the day before. She […]

Me And My Drummer

I apologize for not picking up on this duo sooner. After hearing them off the recently released music video for their single, “Don’t Be So Hot,” I’m ready for a much heavier dose of Berlin’s Me And My Drummer. The climactic ending is staggering, as are Charlotte Brandi’s vocals.

Me And My […]

Doe Paoro

Isn’t it fantastic when you get music recommendations from co-workers? And the artists are actually great (not to mention friends with your co-workers)? YES, it’s very much fantastic. Which is why I’m so excited to present Doe Paoro to you, and her latest single, “Can’t Leave You.”

Doe Paoro is one Brooklyn-based Sonia […]

[MP3] Lanu: “Fall (feat. Megan Washington)”

So, I gotta be honest with you (which begs the question, am I usually not honest with you?). It took some time to get this song cleared to post for download on Knox Road. It’s available as a free download on Lanu’s Bandcamp (which I recommend you check out — there are more […]

[MP3] Chelan: “On The Water”

LA’s Chelan comes at us with loopy melodies and a sound that whisks us away to places we can only touch in our dreams.  Grab for it when you wake up and it’s gone. But as long Chelan is on, we’ll be okay. Breezy female vocals and tainted electronics give Chelan their edge, […]

[MP3] ohnomoon: “Sleeping Limbs”

As hard it as it can usually be to get back into a routine, I’m happy to be posting here again. I recently returned from my lengthy work trip and I certainly missed this blogging stuff.

Lots of things have changed since I was gone. The backend of WordPress (our publishing platform for […]