Monophona: “Thumb”

Monophona, you’ve impressed me. “Thumb” sticks out like a sore one in the best way possible – it’s madly unique with acoustic instrumentation, sampled backgrounds, and dark/edgy atmospherics. All in all, it adds up to an odd assortment of beautiful sounds and a track that I’m finding tricky to get out of my […]

Faux Fix

This is how music discovery should work. I hear a great track by a well-established artist and it happens to feature a relative unknown with whom I begin to fall in love. Such a love story happened yesterday, when I posted Son Lux’s “No Fate Awaits Me” featuring vocals by Faux Fix. Well […]

[MP3] The Landing: “Strange Charm”

The Landing’s “Strange Charm” is a soft piano falsetto track that’s right in my wheelhouse. Not overly experimental, which keeps it listenable, but still layered and sophisticated. It’s pretty; it’s hopeful; it’s mesmerizing. Go ahead and take the plunge.

The Landing on the web | […]


I can get down to this holychild pizzazz; it’s the type of live music we need now and again. Hopefully it translates as well to the stage as it does to the recorded material — there is so much energy here it’s contagious. (But, man, does she need to be wearing a Lakers […]

Novelty Daughter

Novelty Daughter = Faith Harding = Wow. The twists and turns of the experimental production on Novelty Daughter’s debut album are a refreshing and welcome addition to a soulful voice. I am clueless as to what will happen from one second to the next, and that, my friends, is thrilling. Some real fun […]

Asian She

Genre-bending indie rock pop electronic (maybe?) from Asian She, a Los Angeles duo with no Asian anything. Danceable, dark and sophisticated all at once, Asian She’s s/t EP was released back in September. Noah Lebenzon and Thomas Froggatt have a little something up their sleeves with their unique sound, and I wouldn’t be […]

[MP3] Qurious: “Submarine”

I am in my hometown of Boston in advance of Thanksgiving, and this “turns-dark-at-4:45 pm” thing is a major buzz kill. But I think I found an appropriate song to play over those few minutes that the sunlight fades to black.

Qurious is Mike Netland and Catherine Quesenberry out of Atlanta. They […]

Skittish releases The Five Stages EP

I like writing. Rarely do I think posts are better presented with what I’m given from the artist. Except with Skittish.

I’ll make it quick: Band, Skittish, about to be signed by Yep Roc. Love triangle, suicide attempt, label scared off, members disperse leaving me alone to make “The Five Stages EP.”

The […]

Passenger Peru demonstrates their adventurous side on self-titled debut album

Largely the vision of former Antlers bassist Justin Stivers, Passenger Peru rides Stivers bass into more experimental areas than Antlers usual fare. Stivers teamed up with Justin Gonzalez to bring Passenger Peru’s self-titled album into existence.

From the start of the album, you get the impression that Stivers attempted to bring the experimental […]

Walk-In Records signs Jordon Salveson

Knox Road label partner Walk-In Records is excited to announce the signing of experimental Nashville folk musician, Jordon Salveson. Salveson represents a bit of a change-up for Walk-In, as we’ve seen lo-fi and progressive, but not much of the “soothing” variety. He is widely unknown, and we hope to change that with the […]