Conveyor, out of Brooklyn, has seen an uptick in their online presence lately as they prepare to release their promising debut EP, titled Sun Ray. Bursting with sunny experimental pop, Sun Ray is perfect for the closing days of Summer.

It’s going to be hard to get these tunes out of my head. […]

Black Polygons tease ears with three-song EP

Warm and crackling reverberations coupled with bassy thuds transport one to an almost guitarless, shoegazy planet on this self-titled EP. Inspired by the likes of Dntel and MBV, Parisian brainchild Cyril Rampal barely wets the listener’s whistle when his third and final track comes to an end. Standout tune “Reverse” clocks in at a […]

Nestled Like Spoons

Nestled Like Spoons is Phil Marsalona, a 22 year old from Philadelphia. It’s evident from his experimental electronic music that he’s been deeply influenced by the biggest stars of his time, including Radiohead and the like. Everything is self-recorded and released, and he flies solo for all performances. Three cheers for one man […]

Pontiak takes us along for the ride on Comecrudos

Pressing play on the new Pontiak EP is akin to driving into the Texas desert, sliding open the van door and realizing exactly what you’re up against. In fact, it could have been a similar situation that inspired this album. Comecrudos is a four-part ode to the desert, inspired by a drive through […]

Snow Kite

I’m going with Snow Kite‘s label’s (Denmark’s Kanel Records) theme of telling us little to nothing (erring on the side of nothing) about the band. They also wished us a “roady” kind of weekend, the “knoxy” way. Aw, thanks, guys!

Snow Kite, from New York, demands you listen to the EP in full. So […]

Eureka Birds release Eureka! EP

Eureka Birds, a four-piece (sometimes fiver) band I included in my Memorial Day mix back in May, released a new EP today, titled Eureka! How ’bout that!

The Eureka crew, from Baltimore, has been around since 2006 making sweet, subdued pop, with a self-titled debut album and now the Eureka! EP under their name. Frontman Justin Levy, who often tours solo as “Eureka Bird” (see dates after the jump), employs a delicate falsetto above the wistful tunes, which were crisply produced by Tyler Watkins of The Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s. Swift cello strokes play a vital role on the piano-led songs, heightening the dreamy affect.

It’s an EP to turn to as the leaves fall, your life transitions, and your once blurry vision becomes ever so clear.

Eureka Birds – “There Was Light” [MP3]

Eureka Birds – “Cactus Man” [MP3]

Eureka Birds on MySpace

[Photo by Julie Massimini]

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[MP3] Rubblebucket: “Triangular Daisies”

Everyone loves candy, Rubblebucket makes candy pop, and if a=b and b=c then everyone should love Rubblebucket. Rubblebucket, based out of Brooklyn (but formerly of Vermont), recently released “Triangular Daisies”, the title track off their new EP out October 19 on Roll Call Records, for free download.

A smooth, jazz/pop fusion of a […]

Sacred Animals releases debut EP, Welcome Home

After Abby’s little love note to Radical Face (aka Ben Cooper) and his latest (brilliant) EP, Touch The Sky, I found it appropriate to post about Sacred Animals’ debut EP, Welcome Home, which was released October 1. Cooper had a special version of his own “Welcome Home” track on Touch The Sky, so […]

[MP3] The Smooth Maria: “Abandoned Town”

Matt Kanelos and his motley crew of musicians who make not so motley music are at it again! The Smooth Maria will be releasing a new, home recorded EP, titled Paper Thin, with a record release show at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on October 8. Also, for you D.C. folks still among us, […]

[MP3] Puro Instinct: "California Shakedown" / "I've Got Some Happiness (Leland)"

L.A. lo-fi pop group Pearl Harbor has decided to now go by the name Puro Instinct, maybe for fear of being labeled with bad taste? I don’t know, but since their last awesome single, “Luv Goon,” they have recorded an EP and set up a Bandcamp page. The Puro Instinct EP features four […]