The Darcys: “The River”

It’s time for a little late night drive. Passing through city lights, everyone out and wasted, I’m pretending to know their conversations. Windows closed, the silence in my car larger than the life outside of it. Some holding hands, others dancing on the sidewalks, more running through the streets. I grip the cold [...]

Alice and the Glass Lake’s ‘The Evolution’ EP

Alice Lake has returned to my life in convincing fashion with her debut EP, The Evolution. Mixing sounds that you may not typically hear together — tender singer/songwriter vocals with some heavy electronic/experimental backing — Alice and the Glass Lake provide a delightfully meandering album. It’s clear, however, that the songs are carefully crafted [...]

Figgy: “Can’t Hide”

Summer is here. Pop your head out the window and take a ride.

Figgy on the web | Facebook

Fallulah: “Dried Out Cities”

Fallulah makes a quick return to Knox Road (see previously posted “Out Of It”) with her latest head-bopping single, “Dried Out Cities.” The Danish superstar is delivering pop hit after pop hit and there’s no slowing down in sight. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Fallulah on the web | Facebook | Knox [...]

[MP3] Wildlife Control: “Ages Places”

Wildlife Control, fast becoming one of my favorite new bands, is back with “Ages Places.” Love the build-up in this one.

See my previous post about them and don’t be afraid to hop on their bandwagon as it steamrolls its way through indiedom.

Wildlife Control on the web | [...]

[MP3] Last Lynx: “Luminous Blue”

I guess I’m in a “luminous” mood this week? Two posts in a row with luminous in the title? Yeah, bizarre. But good thing that doesn’t stop me from posting! Last Lynx are out with their new killer single, “Luminous Blue,” on the heels of the massive success of “Killing Switch,” which, despite [...]

New Fallulah song

Fallulah, one of my favorite Danish artists and occupying space on many a mix I have made, recently teamed up with our good friends over at Danger Village PR. People I like joining together? Always a good thing. And I have quickly been satisfied, as the catchy singer/songwriter just re-released her pop hit, [...]

Junior Prom’s debut EP

OH MY GOD I needed some Junior Prom this morning. Last time I wrote about them I called it “Bright Music Monday,” but, you know, President’s Day was yesterday, so basically this Tuesday is like a Monday. And damn do I need a kick start this week. Winter labors on but Junior Prom [...]

Wildlife Control: “Different”

They painted the halls a light green, so that when the patients are feeling ill they don’t see abrasive colors. There’s something soothing about that green found on marine ships for the same reason. But I want my grandma’s room painted in bright oranges and reds. I want warmth; I want her to feel [...]

R. Thomasin

I don’t really get the whole R. Thomasin name thing, as Rachel is a perfectly lovely first name, but what do I know? I’m sure I’m missing something about what’s hip these days. R. Thomasin, just know that I would like you regardless of your name. Even if when I first glance at [...]