Mannequins on 7th Street

Mannequins on 7th Street, based in London but originally from Belgium, makes perfect rainy day music. Looking for the next Zero 7, but in male form? Well, the Mannequins duo is delivering similar blissed out electronic music and you’d be remiss not to keep track of their promising future.


My Heart The Brave: “Keep Me From It”

“Keep Me From It,” the first single from super new Danish artist, My Heart The Brave, takes some time to heat up, but once it does, it’s an all out parade. Saccharine vocals over electronic glitches usually find their way into many an indie fan’s heart. “Keep Me From It” should ensure My […]

Tunng: “The Village”

New Tunng? Yes, please. You know I am affectionate toward the London crew, and their new song, “The Village,” does little to alter that. The song is 4 minutes 33 seconds, and I’ve listened to it 5 times in the last 22 minutes and 45 seconds. Math!

“The Village” is the new single […]

[MP3] Miss Elizabeth: “Ein Weißwein”

A new song from our Toronto friends, Miss Elizabeth, premiered on MOKB last week, and I’m beginning to think the duo can do no (rhymez, yo!) wrong. Atmospheric harmonies and a sensory experience make “Ein Weißwein” one to remember.

Miss Elizabeth – “Ein Weißwein” [MP3]

Miss Elizabeth on the web | Facebook | Bandcamp | Knox […]

Black Light Dinner Party: “We Are Golden”

Well, I held back on this for a bit so there wouldn’t be much bias in posting, but now it’s time for show and tell. Consider it a special Sunday night post. Black Light Dinner Party, whom I’ve previously written about in a mysterious way, recently released their new song “We Are Golden.” And […]

[Abby’s Road] In like a Lion


So. Social media and digital subscription services. Despite one’s attempts to avoid and not use them (I myself am anti-Twitter), both have infiltrated our lives to a point of being as common as a daily physical newspaper, which, ironically, 24 hour-a-day news-hungry public notwithstanding, has disappeared from some of the most lucrative of journalistic markets. When I mention a television program or a movie to my mother on the telephone and she’s like, “Hmm…didn’t see it. I’ll just Hulu it” one knows the Digital Age has crept into the lives of even some of its most (at one time) staunch critics. When my mom starts verbing website names? Right. You just know it (you go, mom).

For the most part, barring those addicted to porn or, even sadder, obese children, overly-round from hours in front of their laptops and iPads instead of running and jumping in the green green grass, the quest for information and entertainment has been positively simplified (exponentially) from 20 years ago. Anyone out there remember microfiche? The absolute DEVIL. Enough said. I do, however, find myself looking back at the days of hoarding music magazines, the extra-curricular side of print media utilization, with fondness. There is just something about the smell of a new magazine that’s warming. And it’s not like music nerds back in the day had a choice. It was either you read magazines (and listened to radio, sometimes) or not know what the hell was going on. I get sentimental about those days. Call me old fashioned. Probably wouldn’t be the first time. But I digress.

Recently, the chain of events which led me to my most recent obsession, band-wise, is the perfect example of how social media and online music (with a sprinkling of radio for good measure) works its recipe of magic. Indulge me.

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Miss Elizabeth

Miss Elizabeth is two dudes out of Toronto, one of whom I’ve written about in the past. Absurdly catchy electronic pop, Miss Elizabeth is one of those bands I can listen to on the crowded NYC subway and lose myself. I’d be tapping my feet and bopping my head and shaking my body […]

Junior Prom

It’s bright music Monday on Knox Road! Junior Prom, a new Brooklyn duo, create some of the most infectious pop I’ve heard in, well, forever, and they’re barely even rookies. They began recording their first material in the winter and are gradually releasing tracks this summer. We’ll keep you updated either here or […]

[MP3] S. Carey: “Two Angles”

And for once, everything felt just right.

Stream S. Carey’s entire Hoyas EP (available in stores May 8th) at Stereogum | Preorder

Oak Island

A mere 339 plays on…and the music is actually really good! Oak Island, aka Jeff Zito, is the kind of artist I’m more than willing to post about.

A musician, writer (check out his blog, “Eating A Hobo”, here), and apparent cat-lover (check out his Bandcamp pics…) based out of Queens, New York, […]