Hiva Oa

The intangibles in life. The illogical. It’s okay not to have an answer; it’s okay to lose control. The challenge makes us stronger. Let us revel in our sadness and stories of love lost and rise above them. You and I, we’ll become better people.

(The below album automatically starts at track 7 […]

Chasing Owls

I grew up in Boston. Chasing Owls sound nothing like “Boston.” But when I listen to their music, I am home.

Chasing Owls on the […]

Jesus H. Foxx

Hot on the heels of Song, by Toad Records’ latest success with Meursault comes Jesus H. Foxx (don’t be thrown off by the name, please), a seven-piece outfit out of Edinburgh, Scotland (where else? It is Song, by Toad‘s label anyway…). Jesus H. Foxx mix several different genres of music, which is perhaps […]