My Heart The Brave: “Keep Me From It”

“Keep Me From It,” the first single from super new Danish artist, My Heart The Brave, takes some time to heat up, but once it does, it’s an all out parade. Saccharine vocals over electronic glitches usually find their way into many an indie fan’s heart. “Keep Me From It” should ensure My […]

Fallulah: “Dried Out Cities”

Fallulah makes a quick return to Knox Road (see previously posted “Out Of It”) with her latest head-bopping single, “Dried Out Cities.” The Danish superstar is delivering pop hit after pop hit and there’s no slowing down in sight. Enjoy the ride while it lasts.

Fallulah on the web | Facebook | Knox […]

New Fallulah song

Fallulah, one of my favorite Danish artists and occupying space on many a mix I have made, recently teamed up with our good friends over at Danger Village PR. People I like joining together? Always a good thing. And I have quickly been satisfied, as the catchy singer/songwriter just re-released her pop hit, […]

Snow Kite

I’m going with Snow Kite‘s label’s (Denmark’s Kanel Records) theme of telling us little to nothing (erring on the side of nothing) about the band. They also wished us a “roady” kind of weekend, the “knoxy” way. Aw, thanks, guys!

Snow Kite, from New York, demands you listen to the EP in full. So […]

[MP3] Green Pitch: "A Letter of Stone"

Supposedly, Danish band Green Pitch released its most recent album, La Jolla, in April 2009. And I haven’t heard of them until today? What’s up with that, am I right? So I checked them out, and as it turned out the music was a perfect complement to today: lying in bed while the […]

The Blue Van @ Siren


I won’t spend time beating around the bush on this one, guys: all of us at KR agree that The Blue Van is going to be huge, and I mean huge like Lars Von Trier‘s ego is huge. (Suck on that obscure reference, hipsters! Haha!) Their music is beginning to make the rounds as we speak, appearing on television shows and commercials. It’s about damn time, too, if lead singer Steffen Westmark is to be believed. Lee got to speak to him for a bit and found out that they’ve been doing this for no less than twelve years now.

About time for a big break stateside, no?

The band’s live show will definitely help matters. I went into the band’s early show without any real expectations, and was thoroughly blown away. Both the music and the show itself is rock ‘n’ roll all the way through: high, wailing guitar solos and muscular choruses aside, the band’s stage presence was commanding throughout the set. Keyboardist Søren Christensen was particularly exciting, doing all sorts of unnecessary-but-awesome things, many of which involved picking up or tilting his instrument on its axis.

But what a great, energizing early day performance The Blue Van was. Keep a lookout, everyone. Denmark’s gonna be be the new Iceland, let me tell ya.

The Blue Van – “Man Up” [MP3]

The Blue Van – “Silly Boy” [MP3]

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CALLmeKAT, call me awestruck.

I wasn’t planning on posting tonight, but I was listening to my music, along came CALLmeKAT, and I couldn’t resist holding onto this gem any longer. CALLmeKAT is an absolutely breathtaking female singer/songwriter (with a host of different instruments to spare) from Denmark, whose EP, I’m In A Polaroid – Where Are You?, […]

Under The Sherry Moon

Under The Sherry Moon is the project of a bunch of Danish musicians that has a TON of potential. They’re working on their debut album now, but some of the first tracks are awesome!

Their wandering lo-fi electronic sound is something totally different and original. The songs are complex, well-written pieces that singer Signe Marie […]


If you want more proof that Europeans are much more fun than Americans, here’s Bodebrixen. They hail from Denmark, the land of good music, and give us strange, fun janglypop (ala Suburban Kids With Biblical Names). Using horns, guitars, synth and harmonization, they create a very pure, wondrous sound. Their sound is […]