[MP3] The Things of Youth: “Eleventeen”

When I first started listening to “indie” music, so to speak, it was the likes of The American Analog Set and Pinback. Laid-back, understated pop with a certain twang that uniquely defined to whom the music belonged. I’ve been missing that lately, but luckily for me The Things of Youth have come along […]

[MP3] Fialta: “Cars”

Fialta delivers their next great summer single with “Cars,” straying from the guy-girl harmonies for a female-driven jam. All the rest you need to know about Fialta can be found here and here, since they’re one of Knox Road’s favorites.

Summer Winter is due out July 23. Preorder it.

Fialta on Facebook | Bandcamp | Photo […]

[MP3] Fialta: “Photographs”

I wrote about Fialta, the ‘fun-loving California indie pop group,’ back in May of 2011, and my opinion hasn’t much changed. They’re keeping things light and sugary on their upcoming full-length, and “Photographs,” the first single, is a prime example. Even though they’re in sunny Cal all year round, they know what it’s […]


Let’s take it back to 2004 like we’re listening to The Format or Guillemots again. Popular indie music has recently transformed into a “my stuff must be weirder than anything you’ve heard in your life for me to be cool” thought process. Well, you know who doesn’t fall into that fast-becoming quicksand? Fialta, […]

[MP3] The Western States Motel: “Country and Western Song”

The Western States Motel provide an eclectic mix of sound in their music, with a sort of alt-folk synth style. It’s different, aesthetically, but it has a familiar appeal. The vocals are very much reminiscent of acts like the Eels, or even Wilco. “Country and Western Song” has a steady rhythm, and even […]

I Hate You Just Kidding

There’s really nothing like a guy-girl duo in music, with the ebb and flow of the baritone and soprano working wonders. I Hate You Just Kidding falls under the category pretty well (did you expect anything else from a band called I Hate You Just Kidding?) using a toasty and tasty blend of […]

The Morning Benders make Brady Bunch-esque promo photos, acoustic-based pop

Maybe it’s because the band’s from California, where the sun always shines (except for, like, earthquakes and stuff), but the music of The Morning Benders is just the epitome of summer. The band’s songs are almost uniformly catchy, often built around an acoustic / electric guitar combination with bits of piano and organ […]

All of Us/None of Us

California duo All of Us/None of Us is such a throwback to the 90s, I can’t help but love them. Don’t misinterpret that, they are their own original sound that is totally relevant today. But listening to them, I get this great Folk Implosion meets Radiohead vibe that seems like it should […]