[MP3] Wildlife Control: “Ages Places”

Wildlife Control, fast becoming one of my favorite new bands, is back with “Ages Places.” Love the build-up in this one.

See my previous post about them and don’t be afraid to hop on their bandwagon as it steamrolls its way through indiedom.

Wildlife Control on the web | […]

Faces Together

This one is special on a personal level. Good friend Aaron Leeder, he of Exit Clov, Drunken Sufis, Sri and more, took on the moniker Faces Together for his newest work. The project is meant to be a “visual soundtrack” of sorts, with Leeder doing nearly everything alone, including all instruments, arrangements and […]

Black Light Dinner Party: “We Are Golden”

Well, I held back on this for a bit so there wouldn’t be much bias in posting, but now it’s time for show and tell. Consider it a special Sunday night post. Black Light Dinner Party, whom I’ve previously written about in a mysterious way, recently released their new song “We Are Golden.” And […]

Junior Prom’s debut EP

OH MY GOD I needed some Junior Prom this morning. Last time I wrote about them I called it “Bright Music Monday,” but, you know, President’s Day was yesterday, so basically this Tuesday is like a Monday. And damn do I need a kick start this week. Winter labors on but Junior Prom […]

Wildlife Control: “Different”

They painted the halls a light green, so that when the patients are feeling ill they don’t see abrasive colors. There’s something soothing about that green found on marine ships for the same reason. But I want my grandma’s room painted in bright oranges and reds. I want warmth; I want her to feel […]

New music from Color of Clouds

The sun is past setting and she closes her blinds, flipping on three of her room lamps. She looks at the wooden floorboards of her apartment and gets lost in the maze. The steam heater in the corner spouts water into its crevices, making everything appear darker than it did the day before. She […]

Ace Reporter

Ace Reporter, aka Chris Snyder out of Brooklyn, has creeped into my life lately with his melodic new single “Untouched and Arrived,” as well as a benefit track, “Empress,” for victims of Hurricane Sandy. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard much about Snyder before, as he apparently wrote, recorded and published an original song […]

Lester The Fierce

Oh, the times when I love music blogging. (What, you thought I had undying love for this thing? Try getting behind the wheel.) An old summer camp acquaintance recently reached out to me via Facebook about one of the acts she manages and the whole personal piece certainly sparked my interest. I was […]

Band of Horses @ House of Vans

Photo via Brooklyn Vegan by David Andrako

Due to the propensity that Brooklyn has for flash rainstorms, I was late to the show, which infuriated me. A monsoon erupted right around the time I got off work, and I managed to get caught in it not once, but twice. But, I was going to see Band of Horses even if I was a bedraggled mess of a journalist, so when I showed up to House of Vans in Greenpoint a half hour after listed set time, I was pleased to discover I had only missed three songs.  Not only that, but BoH veterans went on to play 21 full songs, after months of indie band shows seeing a major band perform again felt a bit odd. I mean 21 songs counting the encores? It was almost too many, but the musicianship of Band of Horses live allowed them to carry it off.

Sadly, since I was late, I missed my absolute favorite nostalgic jam “NW Apt.” off their third full length record Infinite Arms. This track is basically a love song dedicated to what life in Seattle feels like and it reminds me of driving through those streets late at night with my sister Natalie. Band of Horses got their start in that beautiful emerald city, sparking the interest of Sub Pop, but have since relocated to South Carolina where lead singer Ben Bridewell is from. However, their stint in the Northwest inked something of that area into both their sound and their demeanor. Bridewell’s heartfelt interaction with the crowd and humility, even after all these years, was a far cry from many indie bands’ stone-faced-hipster game.

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High Highs release new song, “Once Around The House”

Our High Highs friends are back with a lovely, meandering new single, “Once Around The House.” Check out those SoundCloud waves! If you live in New York and haven’t seem them live, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

High Highs on […]