[MP3] Yellerkin: “Solar Laws”

She’s sitting, staring out at the small lake behind the house. Dark clouds appear in the distance, moving quickly towards her. She looks down; the far edge of the lake shows tiny little circles, making their way closer. The circles multiply, getting bigger and fast approaching. Her friends rush into the house, grabbing […]

R. Thomasin

I don’t really get the whole R. Thomasin name thing, as Rachel is a perfectly lovely first name, but what do I know? I’m sure I’m missing something about what’s hip these days. R. Thomasin, just know that I would like you regardless of your name. Even if when I first glance at […]


I’m digging the Boston-based PONCHOS and his new EP, Rawness. I don’t usually post intense electronic stuff like this (realize when I write intense, it’s all relative. For many of you, it’s probably pretty gentle). You may say it’s a little bit too “dark dance” (at times) for my soft and tender tastes. […]

Soak in Faces on Film’s re-release of Some Weather

Faces on Film, the alter ego Boston-based songwriter Mike Fiore, recently reissued his second album, Some Weather, on the Nice Music Group label. Originally self-released, the record now gets the wider exposure it deserves, and with good reason. Faces on Film’s sound has a welcome familiarity about it, landing Some Weather squarely in the […]

Pastel Group

It’s Free EP Friday! Pastel Group, out of Boston (in case you can’t tell from the album title below), began as the solo project of singer/songwriter Nick Pastel and turned into a threesome after the first songs were recorded. Now we have the privilege of hearing guy-girl harmonies with the original experimental pop.


Knox Road Radio presents Boston’s Hands and Knees

Exciting news on the radio front! Apologies if you’ve already heard this from our Twitter or Facebook group already, but for those who haven’t, Boston’s Hands and Knees will be performing live on Knox Road Radio tomorrow! As usual, the show is from Noon to two (Eastern Time), and we expect Hands and […]

I’ve heard The Beatings’ sound before, but I’m so OK with that

In The Beatings’ press kit it says “Recommended if you like: Thermals, Broken Social Scene, Built to Spill.” While the band isn’t quite like any of those others, on first listen it’s clear they have a very familiar sound that you absolutely know. Is it overdone? Is it old hat? Is it stale? […]

Akudama drops free August EP, “Barbershop”

Our Akudama friends keep churning ’em out – they haven’t once flaked on the whole monthly free EP thing yet. Impressive stuff. Also, they’re starting to add more shows to their bill (Pianos in NYC Sept. 8, 15, and 22 + Boston’s Middle East Upstairs this Thursday, 8/6) and are gaining increasing popularity. […]

Sarah RabDAU and Self-Employed Assassins

Having just been told about Sarah RabDAU and Self-Employed Assassins (h/t Becca), based out of Boston (hometown nod), I’m frankly surprised I’m featuring them so quickly on the blog. But the music got me in a heartbeat, what with the enormously catchy piano riffs and a voice with a slight quirk that makes […]

A review of the up-and-coming The Hush Now

The Hush Now, not to be confused with The Hush Sound, hold a soft spot in my heart coming from my hometown (…city) of Boston. The five-piece indie rockers mesh some background psychedelica with lighter fare to create sounds of both dissonance and difference. The difference being that they don’t follow what an […]