Hayden Calnin: “Coward”

His music still strikes me at the core. Check out Calnin’s new song below. I’ve got nothing to add to my first post, which nicely sums up my feelings. Expect more TV placement soon.

Shout out to my fellow Hayden Calnin loving friend Missy from LBYB.

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The Kate Boy Collective


The sheer scope of vision involved in creating and executing concept art requires an incubation process that in today’s music industry, is almost impossible to accomplish. While concept albums are churned out at a feverish pace (even John Mayer dabbles in the space; which should annoy you), a group or a solo artist that symbolizes an idea (a clear artistic vision), isn’t very common in an industry that continues to value marketability over artistic merit. But every now and again, a ‘scene’ emerges in a part of the world, like grunge in Seattle or techno in Detroit, that offers the proper environment for art to develop without the controlling arms of industry, or worse, a Svengali manager in the mold of Kim Fowley. Right now, actually for the past few years, Sweden and Australia seem to be hotbeds for giving birth to synth-based electronic masters that have taken the states by storm. The Knife might have opened the floodgates in 2006 with Deep Cuts and Silent Shout, but today’s scene seems to be electrified with a diverse range of artists that include NONONO and Lykke Li (both from Sweden), Flume (from Australia), and Crystal Castles (also from Australia). So when I heard about the magnetic blend of Swedish and Australian musicians into one electro-pop ‘concept band,’ titled androgynously as KATE BOY, I knew I had to explore their sound during the incubation phase.

Having been notified the group would be coming to Los Angeles to play an under-the-radar gig at the Echoplex over the weekend, I thought I’d check them out during the genesis of their live act (which is still developing). In 2012, KATE BOY caused a bit of stir in the indie scene with singles “Northern Lights” and “In Your Eyes,” which are included in their EP Northern Lights. Not on the EP, but worth mentioning, is the tribal drum-driven ’80s-sounding, a-little-bit Peter Gabriel (on the more bouncy-side of 1982’s Security), “The Way We Are,” which happens to be my favorite track from KATE BOY. The pummeling robotic synth-bass and electric drums on the track hooked me from the start, but once I deciphered the message, “The Way We Are” stood out as KATE BOY’S breakthrough cut. “There’s been too much poison in the system / festering toxins I am in round / got to get this out of my head / out in the air” melodically whispers vocalist Kate Akhurst, who lyrically builds upon the emancipation theme of their music  over a hodgepodge of electro-pop perfection brought to life during the climatic group drumming piece (killer live, seriously), when all four members attack the drums into a climax that sends the track soaring right into the stratosphere.

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The Falls

An Australian band starting to make noise in the US. A relationship filled with heartbreak. Yet the guy-girl duo stuck together to make music. Foreigny folksy love-talesy guy-girl teams making inroads in the US? They’ll be swimming in American fame by tomorrow.

Ok, I may be slighting their music a bit by saying […]

Second Hand Heart

For the chilly nights after crazy hot days. My favorite kind of night. I could sit outside for hours.

Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Trouble” [MP3 via SoundCloud] Bonus: Second Hand Heart – “Tu me perds” [Link to stream]

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Canary, out of Australia, recently re-released their debut album, Dear Universe, and it’s one hell of a mature effort for a first album. While the styles of sound are uniquely varied, Canary never tries to overdo it. The light and airy textures will keep Dear Universe buzzing in my ears.

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Owls of the Swamp: “The Hypnotist”

Sometimes I like to think I’m a thousand miles away, at a cabin on the lake, with my cousins and nieces and nephews. They brim with enthusiasm when the day is hot and they’re playing tag and the sun is shining its driest heat. And at eve it’s cool — not just a […]

Hayden Calnin

I saw you as you were. The red hue on your cheeks. Your glistening eyes. Your silhouette as you walked away from me forever. But hope keeps us alive, and I never stopped smiling. Who am I without the white of my teeth?

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[MP3] Battleships: “Your Words”

Anthemic pop rock rarely ever goes wrong in my book, and Adam touched upon this beautifully when he spoke about why he likes his music “big.”  Battleships, a four-piece Aussie band, has that build-up to loud emotion and a lushly orchestrated sound in their latest single, “Your Words.” These guys are set for […]

Music in Australian GetUp!’s “It’s Time.” commercial

How can you not love this video (if you haven’t seen it yet)? It took me all of five seconds to go searching for the stunning background song.

Oliver Tank – “Last Night I Heard Everything in Slow Motion” [MP3]

Get the entirety of Oliver Tank’s Dreams EP for free on Bandcamp.


[MP3] Oh Ye Denver Birds: “I Believe In Love, Kid”

Why did it take me so long to find this song?? Despite parts of the track sounding like Pogo’s “Upular” Pixar remix, Oh Ye Denver Birds’ “I Believe In Love, Kid,” is a shimmering, frenetic pop gem.  Male and female vocals play off each other, the rhythm winds in and out, and falsetto […]