[MP3] The Lake District: “Framed”

When we talk about music, we oftentimes come up with banal platitudes to describe what the heck something sounds like in a way we think we’ve never described something in the past. It all comes out to synonymous adjectives and sometimes induces WTF faces. The Lake District aka Trevor Ransom, from Seattle, got creative […]

Hayden Calnin: “Coward”

His music still strikes me at the core. Check out Calnin’s new song below. I’ve got nothing to add to my first post, which nicely sums up my feelings. Expect more TV placement soon.

Shout out to my fellow Hayden Calnin loving friend Missy from LBYB.

Hayden Calnin on SoundCloud | Facebook | Knox […]

Hayden Calnin

I saw you as you were. The red hue on your cheeks. Your glistening eyes. Your silhouette as you walked away from me forever. But hope keeps us alive, and I never stopped smiling. Who am I without the white of my teeth?

Hayden Calnin on SoundCloud | […]

Port St. Willow releases debut full-length, Holiday

As you may or may not know, we recently threw a concert at Pianos in partnership with exfm. I had been promoting like a jerk all over the Twittersphere and Facebooks, so you probably did know. Fine. What you may not have known, however, was much about Port St. Willow, the project of […]

Rem’s Floating Chandelier releases new album, Think Of The Willows

It wasn’t so long ago I first wrote about Rem’s Floating Chandelier, a Virginia trio that began within the past year. They had some superb songs to start things off on the right foot, and now they’ve returned with the could-you-be-more-ambient? full length Think Of The Willows. (Though, it looks like this time […]

Soul Glimpse

For as much as I love ambient music, it can be a bit of a one-trick pony. Baltimore’s Soul Glimpse, the ambient face of Austyn Sullivan, takes what could have been well-done-but-fairly-standard ambient fare and pumps it up a bit. Typically, this type of music sets a mood for me, then leaves me […]

Ivory Weeds releases new album, I Am… Entropy

So, last time I told you to watch for a new Ivory Weeds album coming soon. Well, soon is now.

John Chriest (aka Ivory Weeds) recently released his latest album, which is just as delicate as his previous material but enhanced by new sounds and more complex song structures. Chriest plays around with […]

It is rain in my face’s Wishbone EP

One of my favorite aspects of listening to new music is the ability to discover new approaches to established sounds or genres. On more than one occasion I’ve been treated to an artist who explores a genre that isn’t one of my favorites and takes it in a direction that is unexpected and […]

Eternal Tapestry & Sun Araw make for an excellent collaboration on Night Gallery

When it comes to ambient psychedelic music, this new collaboration between Eternal Tapestry and Sun Araw, arguably two heavy-weights of the genre, is akin to the landmark jazz summits between Thelonius Monk and John Coltrane or Ben Webster and Coleman Hawkins. Putting the names together makes you take notice, but when you actually […]

Duchess Leo

Another Saturday post, another “Saturday” song. Nothing big, nothing chaotic, everything peaceful. Not to say there’s no complexity here, because there is, but it’s soothing complexity (…work with me here). Regardless, let “Bloom” usher in the rest of your weekend.

Duchess Leo – “Bloom” [MP3]


Artist: Duchess Leo (New York) Album: Golden […]