Faux Fix

Faux Fix

This is how music discovery should work. I hear a great track by a well-established artist and it happens to feature a relative unknown with whom I begin to fall in love. Such a love story happened yesterday, when I posted Son Lux’s “No Fate Awaits Me” featuring vocals by Faux Fix. Well by golly! Faux Fix, the duo of Katie Chastain and Nathan Johnson, is extraordinary. They don’t have much music out there, but it appears they’ve been preparing a new album. So, in the meantime, enjoy their wonderful 2012 record, My Antagonist. Also, one of their new tracks, a cover of Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors,” is featured in the TV trailer for the film Nightcrawler.

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[MP3] Son Lux: “No Fate Awaits Me” (feat. Faux Fix)

This is one doozy of a new song from Son Lux, aka Ryan Lott, off the Original Score & Songs Inspired By The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby, for the movie which, if you can’t tell by the title of the album, Son Lux scored. So many commas. This track, “No Fate Awaits Me,” featuring Faux Fix, is beautiful and artsy and mesmerizing in every which way. Faux Fix’s vocals match the heavenly aesthetic to perfection. I haven’t been touched by a song like this in quite some time.

The full soundtrack is available Nov. 4 on Glassnote Records.

Wilder Maker: “Hope Springs”

He’s growing tired. His energy isn’t where it used to be. He thinks about what he was doing 2 years ago; 5 years ago; 10 years ago. Times were happier then, werent they? But even then, he used to think about how much better things were going to be in 10 years, 5 years, 2 years. Maybe he needs to stop looking back. Maybe he should stop looking ahead. Maybe, just maybe, things will be alright right now.

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WHAT BLOG?!’s CMJ Showcase: Miniboone + Johnny Lewis + Mount Sharp + Happy Fangs + Whiskey Bitches + Kid In The Attic


Come on out Wednesday night, October 22 at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. What Blog?! is Knox Road (me!), Nora of irockiroll, Bryan of subinev, and Chris of batteringroom. UPDATE: Unfortunately, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! can’t make it, so instead we’ve filled the bill out with Happy Fangs.

Charlotte McCafferty: “The Messenger”

Charlotte McCafferty is a student at the University of Maryland (maybe now you’ll understand the Knox Road name if you didn’t already) and whenever I get a chance to highlight our alma mater’s talent, I don’t hesitate. McCafferty is working on a solo album of original songs, and from the sound of her first single, The Messenger,” she has quite a future in store. The singer/songwriter balances deft piano skills with cascading strings and rich harmonies. Nothing like crisp female vocals to usher in the core autumn days.

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Benjamin Shaw: “You & Me”

The sun is setting earlier these days. Autumn is just around the corner. I always dread summer’s end, but there’s an acute nostalgia that comes with shorter days and longer nights. The cold brings memories of a different time in life. Of carpools and afterschool sports and spin the bottle. Of sitting in my parents basement alone late at night, watching episodes of TV I’d seen many times over, looking up the music that spurred my most fragile state. It was a time of coming alive.

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Leitbur releases new single “Heartsink” as cancer fundraiser

Sometimes everything gets a bit too real. Emotions shift, materialism becomes non-existent, and life is put into perspective. Jaron Widman, one half of the LA Leitbur duo, was producing a new album when he received his diagnosis. Bills piled up, but he stuck it out, and he’s here today, doing what he loves, making music for the masses. In return, he asks for our support to help him pay his medical bills. I think that’s a pretty fair return on investment, don’t you? Visit www.leitbur.com/cancersucks/.

Meanwhile, “Heartsink” is sublime and I would listen to it with or without a cause.

S/T new album from SOS out today

The killer new album from SOS is out today, but you may be surprised I’m posting it on Knox Road. I’m not typically one to write much about R&B, but this sophomore effort is engaging me in an unexpected way. The production is the clear stand out here, blurring the lines (yikes, no pun) between new-age R&B and indie electronica with hooks that explode. You’d do well to have a listen.

SOS official website

New Letting Up Despite Great Faults: “Ride”

Since my last Letting Up Despite Great Faults post (you have to scroll down five seconds to find it), Neon is out, and we’ve got a brand new song, “Ride” to present off the album. The single has everything I’ve come to love about Letting Up, with relaxed vocals, a sunny vibe and retro synths. Ride will likely soundtrack many summer films; get familiar so you can show off to your friends when you recognize it! The crew will be touring Japan in the next week, which is pretty freakin’ cool.


landlady upright behavior

I guess I’m kind of behind the curve on this one, as Pitchfork just reviewed their album (with a dandy score in the sevens!), but Brooklyn’s Landlady deserves even more love. With free-flowing energy that has been severely lacking in so much of everything these days and a somehow tender abrasiveness, Landlady packs a much-needed punch. The orchestral arrangements typically culminate in full crescendos toward the second half of songs, which always leaves me wanting more.

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