Knox Road Live Blogs the Grammys (With a One-Hour Delay)!

The Grammys are back, you guys! While I usually wait until the awards are over to write a snarky commentary, I’ve decided to give it to you straight, as the action happens. Some Hype Hype Hooray-regulars might note that I don’t have cable, but this year I found a liiiittle loophole (my girlfriend has to work late and there’s a TV at her office). You can send me some of your commentary or hatred over on Twitter. I’ll be here all night, so get ready for some gramophone action! [NOTE: Apparently in the mountain time zone, the Grammys is broadcast an hour behind everybody else. You know, because who in mountain time watches the Grammys? I DO.]

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Let’s Colour Project commercial: Jónsi’s “Go Do”

Jónsi recently licensed his song “Go Do” off his stellar solo debut, Go (our review here), for use in a new commercial (Dulux Walls Ad) for the Let’s Colour Project. The Let’s Colour Project is a worldwide initiative for local communities to paint schools, streets, homes, and squares. My words will probably get in […]

New iPhone 3GS commercial: The Boy Least Likely To's "Stringing Up Conkers"

The iProducts pulled a fast one on us this time. For their latest commercial, “On Hold”, they’ve incorporated the typical cutesy pop music we’re used to from Apple ads…but something’s amiss. There are no vocals!! Instead we hear a hand clapping, acoustic, bells-y background courtesy of The Boy Least […]

New Radio Shack commercial features Let’s Go Sailing’s “Icicles”

Well, the mainstream is picking up on this a bit late, but better late then never, right? Let’s Go Sailing’s brilliantly sweet The Chaos In Order has been a constant listen since it came out a couple years ago. One of the catchier tracks is “Icicles” (though it’s hard to pick […]

LOST Babies!

I’m assuming there’s a whole legion of about four people out there who still watch LOST, and have stuck with it through five seasons. I’m one of them, so for the three people out there who care, this one’s for you!

So basically it’s LOST Babies, and while it’s mostly what you would expect […]

Yo Gabba Gabba! to release album

For those of you under a television rock or an “I’m an adult” rock, Yo Gabba Gabba! is a kids show that regularly features indie bands playing songs about moral values and silly things. Legit! Now, they’re releasing an album, Music Is Awesome!, featuring some of those songs alongside their other regular stuff. […]

And this is why I respect the hell out of Muse

Hey, I may not have liked The Resistance, and that might make me a terrible person, but whatever dude. I still have always respected and even liked (gasp!) Muse, especially earlier in the band’s tenure.

Apparently, the band was told to play to a backing track for a recent performance on Italian […]

New iPod Nano commercial: Miss Li's "Bourgeois Shangri-La"

You’ve seen the new iPod Nano commercial that shows off its video capability and features another adorable unknown artist (where does Apple find them??). So now you’re wondering what the song is. I know I got a text requesting it yesterday evening. Everybody’s dying to know, you guys! It’s […]

Phenomenal Video Saturday (on Monday): iLiKETRAiNS, again

Yeah, so I’m late by a couple days. You mean to tell me you’ve never been late for anything? No? Well, okay, sorry for jumping to conclusions like that. It won’t happen again. (Check out last week’s PVS here.)

Anyway, this video will continue my obsessive love for everything iLiKETRAiNS, who – surprise! – […]

Dirty Projectors news OMGZ

In the next step of our elaborate ploy to turn Knox Road into a Dirty Projectors fan site, here’s a video of the band playing “Cannibal Resource” on Letterman.

Was anyone else mentally prepared for Dave Longstreth to suddenly grow devil horns while he was singing? Even I was creeped out, and I’m […]