Knox Road’s Top Albums of 2014

KR Top Albums 2014 2

As usual, we asked Knox Road writers to provide their Top Albums of 2014. We’re excited to provide you with the results just in time for the new year! We’ve got some great lists and even better blurbs. Have a happy new year.

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Knox Road is 6 years old today!

We never thought how much this website would mean to us, but here we are, six years in, and still going strong. It really does feel like quite an accomplishment. Sure, we don’t post as much as we used to, but we’ll never get sick of listening to great new music and sharing […]

WHAT BLOG?!’s CMJ Showcase: Miniboone + Johnny Lewis + Mount Sharp + Happy Fangs + Whiskey Bitches + Kid In The Attic

Come on out Wednesday night, October 22 at The Rock Shop in Brooklyn. What Blog?! is Knox Road (me!), Nora of irockiroll, Bryan of subinev, and Chris of batteringroom. UPDATE: Unfortunately, Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! can’t make it, so instead we’ve filled the bill out with Happy Fangs.

Locomote by Genghis Hans + Kid In […]

Guess what!? Knox Road back in action soon

Maybe even tomorrow. That’s right ladies and gentlemen and everyone else: we’re back.

Thank you all for your patience during this longer-than-anticipated hiatus. Life had made it difficult to keep up with the blog, but I’m in a place now where I’ll be able to continue the upkeep and writing. I’ll be back to finding […]

Knox Road’s Top Albums of 2013

Knox Road Top Albums 2013

Another year, another top albums list (some things changed, though — we turned 5 years old!). We asked Knox Road writers to provide their Top Albums of 2013. You know what ensued. Tears, laughter, debate. Actually not much of any of those. Just heartfelt thoughts. If these lists make you listen to one new album, it was all worth it. Have a happy holiday season and stay warm.

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Danger Village presents “The Ghost Control Mix”

Winter Walk

You may have noticed we’re big Danger Village folks around here. Beth has filled our ears with goodies over the past few years, and I’ve had the chance to become REAL LIFE FRIENDS with her. One of those real-life-friends moments happened to be over CMJ, where Beth and I talked about one of her special Danger Village mixes for Knox Road. Despite moving to the warmer west coast, she’s been inspired by the colder weather and presented us with some end of year favorites. Catch “The Ghost Control Mix” below, which I’ve been listening to on repeat. I’ll let her chat about it from here. Beth, take it away.

“For the end of the year I compiled a list of new artists that fit into the darker, colder, wintery mood of December. This list has more male artists than any I’ve made this year, which is a nice trend as I’ve been lamenting the lack of truly talented, soulful male songwriters with beautiful voices. I’m glad to have come across a few at the end of this year like Benjamin Clementine and Isaac Sakima. I’m also enjoying how artists are blending electronics with more organic sounds, like we hear here with Adult Jazz, ceo and Young Fathers.

Overall it’s been a great year for music but I think 2014 is going to be even better.”

Track list after the jump.

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Knox Road is five years old today

In 2008, Breaking Bad began its first season. 35% of Twitter users had 10 or fewer followers. The iPhone was one year old. Knox Road was created (see our first post on November 17, 2008, above).

This post isn’t so much about the history of Knox Road as it is about our […]

[Abby’s Road] Danke schön, darlings…


By the time this is published I’ll have crossed the bridge into my triumphant, 40th year. While I am wracked with thoughts like “how the hell did THIS happen?” and “…but I still look like I am 25…” (just agree with me), I also realize that I haven’t said thanks to the many folks I don’t have the luxury of seeing or speaking to everyday. You know…people I am only acquainted with virtually or via the airwaves. Individuals who, despite distance and some mystery, still make my life extraordinarily fantastic. Who? Well…here goes:

Firstly, to the songs that fill my otherwise quiet days with song and emotion: bless you. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: records and their tunes are the most loyal friends I have. They are ready and willing to hang out at a split-second’s notice, and they don’t drink or eat much (read: more for me). Oink.

To my 6 readers: yes! Thanks for being my audience and giving me feedback enough to keep on going. Seriously, to be brutally honest? Audience or not, I find getting my ramblings down and out rather than clogging up my head rather meditative. That said, if my words can make one person go out and listen to a record for the first time or revisit something that has been collecting dust on the shelves for ages? Huzzah! Worth the time it took to scribble things down nine times over. Ten, even.

To the music-hungry youth of the world: GO ON! Keep blogging..keep listening..skip lunch and buy vinyl! You have the time to immerse yourself in all that’s new and gorgeous, music-wise. Keep teaching me. I love it and I still have a lot to learn. Just agree to listen to me a little. I’ve been around the block several times and, well, I know my shit. Mostly.

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Peggy Sue: “Idle”

Tragic events have afflicted my hometown this past week, one hitting closer to me personally, but both just as heartbreaking.

It’s the small things in life that we don’t pay any attention to until it’s too late, and often not even then, that help us become whole. We all work. We all look for […]

Rest easy, Josh Burdette

Known by Washington, DC’s 9:30 Club show-goers far and wide, Josh Burdette, beloved manager and crew chief, has passed away.

A fixture at the 9:30 since 1997, if you didn’t KNOW him know him you knew of him: his pierced face, quiet strength and wall-like stature keeping things flowing and orderly inside and outside of the V St. […]