Knox Road Radio show + playlist for 5.2.10

So many fun times this week at Knox Road Radio! Jamie and I held down the fort and played all sorts of great music, including a set consisting only of ridiculous songs from ridiculous albums set to come out this Tuesday. Don’t worry — we got you covered on reviews. Also, we determined that […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 4.18.10

Fun set of tunes this week, including lots of newbies and tracks from highly-anticipated upcoming albums. Also, we hope you all had wonderful Record Store Days. Get anything good? Because we didn’t, so please make up for our losses. Also, Jon and I probably definitely lost our indie credibility (and, uh, all credibility) […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 4.11.10

Jamie was back after a two week absence and we were finally able to discuss MGMT’s “Flash Delirium” in a positive light. Look for his album review on Congratulations this week, you may be pleasantly surprised. Other notables from this show included a song (well, artist – Camera Obscura) request from Matt from […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 4.4.10

Jon and I had a great time this week. Unfortunately, Jamie wasn’t around to discuss the new MGMT video for “Flash Delirium” as he would have lent his “modern art” perspective to the video, which probably would have been thought provoking (giving you the benefit of the doubt, Jamie!) and enjoyable. But we […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 3.28.10

This week Lee and Jamie were absent, so me and my partner-in-crime (PIC) Steven played some awesome tunes for you all. And talked about concerts, notably Shearwater and The Antlers (which were both good! Go see them!). Also, there was really loud music in the background while we were talking, and you can […]

Knox Road Radio show + playlist for 3.7.10

Well after talking about everything that ISN’T music, and after having a healthy discussion about the idea of the remix, we got down to playing the tunes you either love, hate or love even more. Happy Birthday to Jon’s mom! This show was for you!

Knox Road Radio 3.7.10 [MP3] (*Note: starts 1:30 […]

Knox Road Radio show + playlist for 2.28.10

Finally, the three of us (Jamie, Jon and I) were reunited. Last week Jon admirably took over the show with KR friends Zach and Steven, but this week we were up to our old, mischievous ways, arguing over prog-rock vs. bedroom projects, which included Jamie making the bold (read: ridiculous – to Jon […]

Knox Road Radio playlist for 2.21.10

On this issue of Knox Road Radio, I was sadly left to my own devices when Jamie and Lee were unable to make the show. But it was OK! I got a pair of my non-blogger partners-in-crime (vandalism, mostly), Zach and Steven, to help me play some of this past week’s most awesome […]

Knox Road Radio playlist for 2.14.10

Special Valentine’s Day show!! By which I mean, we did nothing special because almost all songs are about love, sex or lack-thereof. So sue us! But we did have a great time discussing blog politics and whether or not the universe is actually a hologram (leaning toward not). “Music makes the people come […]

Knox Road Radio show and playlist for 1.31.10

So if you didn’t listen to Knox Road Radio this week, shame on you. Just kidding! It was our first week back in the station in about seven weeks, so we’ll forgive you this time. But next week we won’t go so easy on you. Seriously.

Anyway, today we talked about Knox Road’s […]