Danger Village presents “The Ghost Control Mix”

Winter Walk

You may have noticed we’re big Danger Village folks around here. Beth has filled our ears with goodies over the past few years, and I’ve had the chance to become REAL LIFE FRIENDS with her. One of those real-life-friends moments happened to be over CMJ, where Beth and I talked about one of her special Danger Village mixes for Knox Road. Despite moving to the warmer west coast, she’s been inspired by the colder weather and presented us with some end of year favorites. Catch “The Ghost Control Mix” below, which I’ve been listening to on repeat. I’ll let her chat about it from here. Beth, take it away.

“For the end of the year I compiled a list of new artists that fit into the darker, colder, wintery mood of December. This list has more male artists than any I’ve made this year, which is a nice trend as I’ve been lamenting the lack of truly talented, soulful male songwriters with beautiful voices. I’m glad to have come across a few at the end of this year like Benjamin Clementine and Isaac Sakima. I’m also enjoying how artists are blending electronics with more organic sounds, like we hear here with Adult Jazz, ceo and Young Fathers.

Overall it’s been a great year for music but I think 2014 is going to be even better.”

Track list after the jump.

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