930 Club Hosts The Prodigy!

This Monday, May 18, the British Electropunk group that brought us such hits as “Breathe” and “Firestarter” is coming to the 930 club. We are talking about The Prodigy, and I am really excited to be attending this show. From what I have heard, all of the shows that The Prodigy have […]

Nightly News and what the “cool kids” are listening to these days.

In order to do this, you need a tv anchor that wants to be hip. I am not just talking about “we don’t fucking torture!” hip, I am talking about the type of hip that allows you to talk to Deer Tick.

Brian Williams is launching an online series of interviews with musicians. I […]

Panama Kings unreleased track

Panama Kings (out of Belfast) are releasing a new single on May 11th called “Golden Recruit.” After checking out the myspace of these guys, I decided that I would probably be alright to sway back and forth and bob my head in rhythmic fashion while their music is playing. That being said, it is […]

Closure in Moscow!

Well now that I have gotten that off my chest (scroll down), time for an Australian band! If you are like me and just eat up the onslaught of new “Prog” bands that come out on Equal Vision Records, you ought to check out Closure In Moscow. They are […]

A Comment About Youth

I never thought that I would care about getting older and having my tastes change. It really should not be a big deal. I guess that I might have to take a job that will require a lot of time…but I’ll still be able to enjoy the same things right? Music is a passion […]

Rare Alvin Band songs [mp3]

Thank the Alvin Band for bringing us the type of “Hyphy-Turntablism-Ghettotech” that we need in order to survive and thank The Wombat for letting me in on these rare tracks by the Alvin Band.

Alvin Band – “Glowing Tree” [MP3]

Alvin Band – “Mystery Alladin” […]

The New Retro is a powerful band.

Over the weekend I went to go see a band called The New Retro perform at Club Heaven and Hell in Adams Morgan. I really didn’t go in with any expectations…I just wanted to see a really tight performance. Luckily for me, that is exactly what I got. For those of you that do […]

Seeland Offers New mp3

UK Space-Pop collaboration Seeland is releasing an mp3 of a song off their newest album “Tomorrow Today.” The song is called “Call The Incredible.” So If you are down with futuristic indie-pop, check this out.

Seeland – “Call The Incredible” [MP3] (left […]

Alex Gladwell just wants you to listen.

What a weird creation. Lets take some lo-fi electronic beats that make you guess that you are about to listen to a trip-hop album. Now, insert a voice so jarring that the first time I heard it, I felt a chill go up and down somewhere on my body. Throw in some ambient […]

Falling Up!

It seems that today, March 24th, is the day of releasing albums that I have been excited to hear. Lets not even start to talk about Mono just yet…I will have to tackle that album in the next few days. But just recently, I heard of a band out of Oregon called Falling Up. […]