Eureka Birds return with new album “Strangers”

eureka birds strangers

Chris walked up the front steps to the worn-down school he used to call home for 15 years. Fresh out of University, he taught English to seventh graders. It had been full of laughter, mischievous souls, and teachers who hated the place yet loved it at the same and wouldn’t give it up for the world. It never smelled great, but now it reeked of mildew, and a sticky wetness fell upon him as he walked inside. On this chilly night, Chris wanted to go back to everything he remembered. But this was eerie. And Chris was alone. The warmth that used to surround this place was gone. Chris walked up to one of his old classrooms and sat down with his back against the beat up and graffitied door, placing his head softly against it. He took in the empty hallway and closed his eyes, hoping to see light.

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