Body Language: “Well Absolutely”


You’d think a mad scientist — some moonlighting hacker who mastered the codes to a complex DJ software — would be responsible for the laser-beam funk that resonates out of every Body Language track. Wrong, it’s just four kids from Brooklyn influenced by Brian Wilson and from the sounds of it; Studio 54 fantasies filled with flickering disco ball reflections and the raunchy sexiness of a sweat-drenched Debbie Harry, on New Year’s Eve, begging for a refill from Elton John’s Perrier-Jouët, one ice, covered in pixie dust and raw fish.

Funky electronic dream-pop fizzled into a melting pop of neo-soul and disco arrangements — that’s about the best way to describe “Well Absolutely,” the single off Body Language’s upcoming LP Grammar, which is set for release on September 10th on Lavish Habits/Om Records. The glitzy synths on the track will keep you listening over and over again, and if you like catchy choruses with the trite, but deliriously addicting “Hey!” on the breakdown, you’re bound to dig this tune well into the late-night hours of a bender, or better yet, right before taking shower and dancing around your apartment in your robe by shaking your booty to Angelica Bess grooving to some funky guitars and Motown-inspired bass. BL is pure dance floor magic; a testament to the emerging indie scene in Brooklyn that seems built on the foundation of ’60 and ’70s-era pop music. “Well Absolutely,” at it’s core, is a proper pop song, and unlike “Roar” and “Applause,” it won’t have you wondering which Wizard of Oz producer was responsible for the blissful arrangements. This is a band, folks, and they do it with  musical instruments and raw mixing skills.

Body Language recently headlined gigs at the Bowery Ballroom, on their way to a string of  West Coast dates in September.

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