Considering my affinity for Sean Carey (S. Carey, of Bon Iver fame), I’m disappointed I hadn’t come across his sister, Shannon Carey, aka DC’s Luray, sooner. Sean Carey produced Luray’s new album, The Wilder, out August 27, and you can hear his nuanced touch in the three preview songs below. Not to take anything away from his sister Shannon, though, whose celestial voice rises above the precise instrumentation to create wholly enveloping songs that blanket listeners in a divine haze. Her falsetto stretches to enormous depths and she clearly owns the music.

I’d love to see her live, but unfortunately I’m in NY. So if you’re a DC resident, or live close by, please take my place and go to her show at Sixth and I this weekend (Saturday, August 24) with Kindlewood (previously written about on KR). Sounds like you’ll be in for an out-of-body experience.

2 comments to Luray

  • Charles Olney

    Hadn’t been by here in a couple weeks and I literally came today just to check and make sure you had already raved about Luray. Because oh my god, this album is so good.

    Lee Levin Reply:

    I’ve been listening to the title track nonstop. Glad you love it, too.