Buffalo Rodeo

Monday can be the best day of your week if you’re willing to make it happen. Buffalo Rodeo’s brand of kinetic upstart indie rock is sure to give a jolt to anyone’s fresh work week despair. And if you’re happy-go-lucky ALL THE TIME, this Bowling Green, Kentucky group should be right up your alley.


Kim Janssen and his new EP, The Lonely Mountains

I am devastated. I am devastated that I had not yet heard Kim Janssen until yesterday when I posted about Snowstar Records’ 10 Year Anniversary Compilation. I am devastated by Janssen’s pacifying voice, and by his deft instrumentation. I am devastated by his latest EP, The Lonely Mountains, which grips me with cascading […]

Snowstar Records’ 10 Year Anniversary Compilation

In honor of Record Store Day on April 20, Snowstar Records released a 10 Year Anniversary Compilation, including nine new songs from their favorite artists. It’s an exhilarating listen, starting with the stellar “City of the Dead” from Kim Janssen.

The Dutch label has a diverse array of talent, so have a blast […]

Ghost Hotel

Ghost Hotel is hot on the scene from Frederick, MD, and of course we have a special affinity for Maryland music, what with the Knox Road name (College Park, hi!) and all. Not to take away from this talented five-piece who craft honeyed indie pop with guy-girl vocals and a simple yet elegant […]

Coasts: “Wallow”

Coasts continue to bring the goods with their new song “Wallow,” off their Paradise EP, which they will stream in full at the end of June. I’m curious how their music translates live. If they can pull off the energy of their recorded material, watch out. The crescendos burst at the seams.


[Abby’s Road] Oh Manchester, so much to answer for.


So. Last month I finally made it. After many youthful daydreams about the city from whose loins an infinite number of my musical faves sprung, it happened. How’d it go? Well. Manchester.

Firstly, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the reason for my being in the drafty, NW England town: My Bloody Valentine live at the O2 Apollo. NOTE: I managed to wind my way around not writing a review following the release of mbv back in February when the entire blogosphere, megamagazines and even your grandma had something to say about the chaos surrounding it. Given everyone’s knowledge of my superfandom it was a bit too predictable for me to go on about how much I loved it at first listen (and still do).  Bor-ing. Right. Anyway. Manchester. I was there to see MBV.

While I realize the possibility and reality that I am writing this to an audience who largely doesn’t give a fuck, I’m giving it a go anyway. I’m not stupid. When after seeing the line-up more than a handful of 2013 Coachella ticket buyers snorted on Twitter about having no idea who The Stone Roses were (“maybe the promoters meant The Rolling Stones WTF?”) I had serious reservations about mentioning anything about this, or continuing to write at all. Good loving lordy. But, I have faith that a few folks out there are interested. It is an important part of musical history, this Man/Madchester. Genius the likes of Martin Hannett and Tony Wilson cannot be ignored. To take a completely selfish view: I care about it and so should you.

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Bell X1 returns with sixth album, Chop Chop

Long one of my favorite bands, Bell X1 hadn’t probed my space much over the last couple years. That may have been my ignorance, but more likely it’s that the band wasn’t up to much new studio recording as they toured. However, that’s all changed, as the Irish trio grouped together to record […]

exfm, Knox Road and dreambear Present: Black Light Dinner Party, New Myths, Cultfever & AM to AM April 17 @ Pianos

Déjà vu! We’ve partnered for a second time with our good friends over at exfm, as well as dreambear (the music/video production company I recently discussed), to present a fantastic night of music at Pianos, April 17 in New York City. Featuring the likes of Black Light Dinner Party, New Myths, Cultfever, and AM to AM, […]

Swim Deep: “She Changes The Weather”

I missed this dreamy gem a few weeks ago, and for that I apologize. So allow me to rectify the situation by highlighting Swim Deep’s “She Changes The Weather” on a sun-soaked Tuesday in New York City.

Swim Deep on Tumblr | […]

[Hype Hype Hooray] The Mixtape, Part 2: The Weird Kid From Portland


Jamie normally writes a very straightforward music column about very straightforward music things, but for the next few installments he will be exploring a childhood mixtape, recently found in a box in his closet. This is part two.

I stand in my kitchen at two in the morning, furiously cramming two AA batteries into my old walkman. For some reason they don’t want to fit. This shoddy machine is the only thing standing between me and my recently-rediscovered childhood mixtape. A tiny misshapen piece of plastic is ruining my beautiful moment. I stop, take a breath, and carefully fit them in.

I flip the tape to side B. I throw it in, I hit fast forward, and I wait. And I wait. And I wait. After 30 seconds I tell myself I appreciate the delayed gratification. A minute passes and the optimism gives way to rage. I start to remember why everybody was so eager to switch to CDs.

The tape finally stops. I pull it out, flip it over, and slide it back in. I press play.

The sound crackles warmly in my ears. Tiny, barely audible wisps of noise pop in and fade out–little pulses of electricity running across the weary tape. Then, suddenly, as if from behind a bush, Steve Harwell’s iconic voice jumps out and starts yelling.

“Walking out of the door I’m on my way can you tell me just where I’m going / Occupational skills would you give me a clue what to do ’cause my mind’s in motion!”

A huge smile spreads across my face. Oh, Smash Mouth. I remember them so well. They were one of the first bands I ever truly loved. Running down the track list, I see the love was not forgotten on Jamie’s Mix 1999. It includes not one, not two, but six songs by the short-lived pop/rock legends. But each song is a gem, in some way, to my strange 11-year-old self.

The whole track list, handwritten on the insert in pencil, looks like this:

Side A
Come On Come On
All Star
Can’t Get Enough of You
Walkin’ on the Sun
The Fonz
One Week
Never is Enough
Who Needs Sleep
Come Out and Play
Pretty Fly
Jump Jive an’ Wail
Zoot Suit Riot

Side B
Semi-Charmed Life
Save Tonight
The Way
Whip It
Satisfaction (Devo)
Satisfaction (R.S.)
Working in the Coal Mine
Jocko Homo

As the tape winds on the memories start flooding back. They sweep me up and carry me away, leaving me a helpless bystander to the past:

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