A long gaze out the bedroom window, hoping to find something that perks her up. It’s been a long winter. She spots a daffodil but no smile breaks out. Her eyes well up;  tears begin to form. Why can’t you just bring me happiness, she asks, more of herself than anything greater she may believe in. Bring me life, she says. She mutters it under her breath, talking more with her yearning eyes than with her voice, as if someone may be listening.  Her husband lies asleep next to her. But no one’s been listening for a long time.

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If this song for whatever odd reason reminds you of Daughter, well, they’re touring together in the US at the end of April and early May.

3 comments to Wilsen

  • Charles Olney

    Wow. And wow again.

    Lee Levin Reply:

    Right? Have you listened to Daughter

    Charles Olney Reply:

    Nope. Will do so right now. I bought the Wilsen album last night, and listened to this song about eight times in a row.