Bryan Laurier & The Lost Acres

I hope I’ve just missed people talking about Bryan Laurier & The Lost Acres, because I’m not quite sure why the group doesn’t have more fanfare. They come across in an unassuming manner both in song and in words, which draws me to the simple elegance of the folk-laden music. Let it be a de-stresser to whatever’s cluttering your mind. Their new record, Bought & Sold, was recorded in Maine last year and released this past summer.

Bryan Laurier & The Lost Acres – “Love Me Again” [MP3]

Bryan Laurier & The Lost Acres – “By Your Side” [MP3]

Bryan Laurier on Bandcamp | Facebook

Also, apologies for not posting as often around here lately. With the hurricane and a major work event coming up, I’ve hand my hands full. Have no fear, things will return to normalcy soon, just not as soon as I may have originally hoped. Thanks for bearing with us.

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