[Abby’s Road] California Dreaming

So. It’s been a while.

Holidaymaking. Flying. Travel. Hurricanes. Not necessarily a time when one wants to be writing anything but a handful of postcards. Moreover, I was (also) cursed with a five-alarm case of writer’s block. Everything swimming around in my noodle was non-music related (far from it). I needed music’s medicinal value, yes, but I didn’t feel like mulling it over or jotting anything down about it. I just wanted to listen. Simple, really. Anyone would have been bored with what I had to say. So thanks for hanging around and reading again. Right.

While I was off exploring the cradle of western civilization and, later, revisiting my roots (read: lazing about in a cheap rented flat on the beaches of Crete and then drinking copious amounts of wine in my hometown for a 3-week visit) I listened to a lot of music, read some books and relaxed. Perfect. There was, however, despite locale and continent, one resounding musical thread throughout my autumnal journeying: Allah-Las.

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R. Thomasin

I don’t really get the whole R. Thomasin name thing, as Rachel is a perfectly lovely first name, but what do I know? I’m sure I’m missing something about what’s hip these days. R. Thomasin, just know that I would like you regardless of your name. Even if when I first glance at […]

Ace Reporter

Ace Reporter, aka Chris Snyder out of Brooklyn, has creeped into my life lately with his melodic new single “Untouched and Arrived,” as well as a benefit track, “Empress,” for victims of Hurricane Sandy. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard much about Snyder before, as he apparently wrote, recorded and published an original song […]

Hiva Oa

The intangibles in life. The illogical. It’s okay not to have an answer; it’s okay to lose control. The challenge makes us stronger. Let us revel in our sadness and stories of love lost and rise above them. You and I, we’ll become better people.

(The below album automatically starts at track 7 […]

[MP3] Gliss: “Hunting”

Happy Thanksgiving, America! Need some noise for after-the-food festivities to infuse your night-music soul? Gliss, a Danish/American three-piece, is happy to provide for you. Their recently released track, “Hunting,” is a multi-sensory experience; close your eyes as you listen and see the flashing neon lights.

Gliss – “Hunting” [MP3]

Gliss’ new album, Langsom […]

Emil Lager

What happened to plain old acoustic guitar singer/songwriterin’ on music blogs? We’re always looking for the next “big” thing, but sometimes the best answer sits right in our backyard. It’s music that I can turn on any time of the day and smile to. London’s Emil Lager provides just that.

Emil […]

New music from Coed Pageant

I’ve already posted about Coed Pageant with Volume 1 — Winter Blitz — of their Seasons EPs, but feel compelled to give them a little extra space on this here modest blog, as they’ve significantly matured since that release of their final Seasons installment, Volume 4: The Fallout. It’s still raw and could use […]

[MP3] Qurious: “Submarine”

I am in my hometown of Boston in advance of Thanksgiving, and this “turns-dark-at-4:45 pm” thing is a major buzz kill. But I think I found an appropriate song to play over those few minutes that the sunlight fades to black.

Qurious is Mike Netland and Catherine Quesenberry out of Atlanta. They […]

Bad Breaks

We’re back! Thanks for sticking with us through this insanely hectic month. We’re slowly but surely rounding back into form.

Bad Breaks is the project of San Antonio drummer, Chuck Kerr, who arranges all songs on piano then approaches his band with the material and makes it roll. “Won’t Come Home,” off Bad […]

Hannah Winkler

I was recently talking to my Canadian friends, The Wooden Sky, about the excitement of their NYC show last night at Rockwood Music Hall (after they sold out our Knox Road show at Pianos back in May!), and much to my chagrin, realized I wouldn’t be around. They have an incredibly tight and […]