Lester The Fierce

Oh, the times when I love music blogging. (What, you thought I had undying love for this thing? Try getting behind the wheel.) An old summer camp acquaintance recently reached out to me via Facebook about one of the acts she manages and the whole personal piece certainly sparked my interest. I was still a bit skeptical, because while friends can send you some of the best stuff you’ve ever heard, oftentimes they’re looking to plug someone with this personal appeal who can’t seem to get traction anywhere…and for good reason.

The latter was thankfully not the case with Lester The Fierce, aka Anita Fierce, a Brooklyn-based and Australian born musician. The style is uniquely Fierce (sorry) but she doesn’t get too weird on us, so even a casual listener will appreciate the feathery and euphonious croons and tunes.

Lester The Fierce – “Colours” [MP3]

Lester The Fierce – “Holland” [MP3]

Lester The Fierce on Bandcamp | Facebook

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