Fast Romantics

Halfway through every year, I always look forward to Will Oliver’s list of the best songs of the year (so far) at We All Want Someone To Shout For. Will always finds a perfect balance between the obvious BIG tracks that everyone talks about and the under-the-radar gems found in the inbox of a typical music blogger. He found a real gem with “Funeral Song” by Fast Romantics.

“Funeral Song” is one of those rare songs that became one of my favorites of the year on first listen. It’s got an epic feel that so many bands try for, but few fully achieve. A shimmering guitar-and-piano riff kicks off the song and eventually develops into a larger-than-life, pulse-pounding Arcade Fire power chord that kicks off every verse. The big hook is lifted to the highest height when the full band piles on to join lead singer Matthew Angus in choir fashion, accentuating exactly the right moments for a cathartic experience. Even the quiet, intense build-up of the bridge is perfectly paced. The whole song hits that “Bleeding Heart Show” level of power – and catchiness.

An excellent track from a Toronto band  who is on the verge of releasing their sophomore full-length this winter, and judging by the strength of this song (and some other old ones I listened to on their Bandcamp), on the verge of blowing up.

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