Chasing Owls

I grew up in Boston. Chasing Owls sound nothing like “Boston.” But when I listen to their music, I am home.

Chasing Owls on the […]

[Abby’s Road] Right about now…

The time has come my friends. The last of summer’s sweaty days…back to school. The air is cooling down, the musty fragrance of decaying leaves is on the breeze: it’s autumn tour time. The most wonderful time of the year. Lalala.

It happens every early August. I ramble to a friend “wow, it’s been so long since I’ve been to a gig” or something similar and, like clockwork, a few days later I see my first autumnal tour poster. It’s quite comforting. There are few things I can bank on these days, though late August through late October I can be sure that there will be some live music in my life.

Right. So I made my first jaunt to the ticket vendor a few weeks ago and snatched up a handful of tasty ins, the first of which happened this week, Of Montreal. I must say that they were phenomenally amazing live; it was my first time seeing them. I had always assumed that while their records are fantastic, a live show might be on the theatrical and silly side. I suppose because, lyrically, Barnes is all over the damn place. Not the case. Spangles and eye makeup aside, it was the antithesis of dramatic, super tight and perfect. I also purchased the best piece of band swag ever created in the history of space and time, or in my 25 years of show going at least. But I digress.

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Poor Remy

Raw and unbridled enthusiasm.

You know why I like Poor Remy so much? Because I know I could join in and they wouldn’t miss a beat. These are singalongs for any late summer (autumn??) night.

Still Sleeping EP by Poor Remy

I want to be their friend.

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M.H. & His Orchestra

Hey guys! Missed me? I’ve been away at camp all summer and have greatly missed discovering and sharing music with all the amazing readers of Knox Road. So upon my return, I have good news for you, and for me: I found a really special, cool album for us all to […]

The Colurs

Blast from the past with new band The Colurs! Music is making me grin today.

Expect an EP in September.

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[MP3] The Royal Concept: “Naked & Dumb”

Catching up on a few weeks worth of starred music and I can’t help but feature Sweden’s The Royal Concept. “Naked & Dumb” can’t be any more necessary of a track for our mid-week drabbery; it gets me back up on my feet and ready to roll. Seems like the indie world has […]

Hayden Calnin

I saw you as you were. The red hue on your cheeks. Your glistening eyes. Your silhouette as you walked away from me forever. But hope keeps us alive, and I never stopped smiling. Who am I without the white of my teeth?

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[Hype Hype Hooray] A Snap Judgment of Modern Music

Hype Hype Hooray is a biweekly “critique” of the music scene and the blogosphere that feeds it, told through the lens of Jamie Hale, a journalist who likes music about as much as he likes scotch and a firm leather chair. Please enjoy with a grain of salt.

Previously, on Hype Hype Hooray: “I have been penning this column as some sort of knowledge on the present music scene, but for the last year … I haven’t been following anything at all … I had lost everything … I wandered the streets of music like a bum.”

No, it wasn’t all just a dream. Last week I admitted to the treacherous act of ignoring the entire music scene for a solid year. (Look away from me! Look away from my shameful deeds!)

As much as it pains me to suddenly be what can best be described as a “hack,” I’ve come to terms with my reality. Now the question on my lips is: What is the current music scene like anyway?

To answer that question, allow me to welcome you to: A Snap Judgment of Modern Music. (Some of you might be comparing this to Laura Jane’s wonderful post, “The Ten Most Beloved Songs I Hate,” but the similarity is coincidental, I promise.)

The rules here are simple. I will listen to five songs on Pitchfork I’ve never heard before, then make snap judgments about them. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I guess. Ready? Let’s go.

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Stream the new Wickerbird single, “Druids”

We have the honor and pleasure of introducing the new Wickerbird track with good friend Dave Rawkblog, as well as FensePost and The Blue Indian. If you regularly read KR, you probably know Dave and I have similar taste, so if you’re typically aligned with our flavors of the week, you should be enamored […]

[Abby’s Road] Love Songs on the Radio

I don’t have a song; the single song I associate my #1 relationship with or one that quintessentially harnesses my youth in 3 minutes or less for that matter. I was having coffee with a friend the other day and the conversation somehow wound around to her and her husband’s “Song.” Eh?? What’s […]