Royal Canoe, I love you

Empty out a swimming pool. Spray paint it in neon colors. Learn to ride a skateboard better than Tony Hawk. Ride your skateboard around the empty, painted pool. If you did this, the song you would need to listen to while doing so would be “Hold On To The Metal” by Royal Canoe. These Canadian rockers are the ones to play anytime you want to pretend like you’re totally cool and artsy, like the things you do are meaningful and will one day be in a documentary about a movement that changed the face of an alternative culture. Have I been watching Dogtown & Z Boys and thinking about graffiti and counter culture art too much? Maybe. Have I also been listening to Royal Canoe on repeat and thinking about how much I love summer and deadly psychedelic pop music? Yes. So, if these things appeal to you in any way, listening to Royal Canoe is a must. Download this song, listen to it once and decide to put it on repeat, because who knows what sort of movement you might start given the inspiration it provides.

Royal Canoe – “Hold on to the Metal” [MP3]

The rest of the Royal Canoe EP which is brilliantly and ironically called Extended Play is pretty fucking good too. It’s been about 100 degrees in New York City and I just moved here from a place where humidity was a laughed about fact that East Coasters had to deal with and now I am one, so things have been, well a little rough. But, thankfully, music changes my mood and attitude more than any physical circumstance is able to, so this EP has been a life preserver of sorts. Their summer-infused rubix cube of sounds cut straight through the heat of summer and delivers it back in face-melting sweat-inducing dance tracks. I feel like I’m on a rocket ship trip around the earth, looking at the moon and Saturn and then speeding back through the atmosphere, only to find out it is still hotter here on earth than anywhere in outer space. To sum it all up, these songs are gun powder explosions into choruses designed for poolsides, ocean rendezvous and summer love stories. Eat it up.

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