The genre of Plankton Wat’s Spirits? Who cares.

When not sharing the stage with Nick Bindeman in Eternal Tapestry, Dewey Mahood creates his own sonic adventures as Plankton Wat. The arrival of fresh sounds from Plankton Wat is always cause for anticipation. Typically a Plankton Wat album is delivered on cassette, or sometimes CD-R, so having an LP release is even more special.

Plankton Wat rides a thin line between psychedelic and drone, and this small area is rarely represented as well as Mahood demonstrates on Spirits. The songs that create the nuanced fabric of this record have a meditative, spiritual quality to them that allow you to sink in deeper with each listen. The title track features a languid guitar over swirling atmospheric tones creating a sound that’s a bit like chasing a butterfly while walking through a pool filled with honey. “Fabric of Life” takes a bit different turn as it features a gently picked guitar melody that serves as a welcome oasis from the often unsettled feeling of the rest of the record.

Is this a drone record, is it psychedelic, is it some other liberally tagged genre? I can honestly say it doesn’t matter. Spirits is not only an excellent effort from Plankton Wat, but also one of Mahood’s more accessible records. If drone is something you find mind-numbing but you’re agreeable to instrumental music, this LP is worth your time. If you’re into the genre already, Spirits is a must.

Purchase Spirits via Thrill Jockey

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