[MP3] Tigermilk: “Talátur”

Tigermilk, aka Paulina Tala, comes to us as a recommendation from blogging buddy Mike Mineo of Obscure Sound. I’ve always enjoyed Mike’s thoughtful artist profiles, so there was little chance Tigermilk would fall off the map.

Talátur, off Tigermilk’s upcoming Turi EP, is at once both soothing and sophisticated. The global influence is impressed upon us from the start, as the EP was actually dedicated to Atacameños, an ancient tribe in northern Chile. I couldn’t think of a more fitting image than the above to go with the sound. With the hushed harmonies, I imagine tens of tiny creatures surrounding this woman, whispering incessantly in her ears.

Tigermilk – “Talátur” [MP3]

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