Walk-In Records to issue Spaces’ “Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void” on vinyl

We’ve got some exciting news from our record label partner Walk-In Records. Walk-In officially plans to release a vinyl issue of Spaces’ most recent album, Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void. Spaces, a Brooklyn duo (with local supporting members), have been at the instrumental post-prog game since 2008, and Walk-In expects a June release date for the fellas. Hot on the heels of Magic City, who are feverishly recording their record to be released on Walk-In, we see Spaces as an excellent addition to the roster. As founder (and Knox Road contributor) Jesse Croom puts it, they’re “like a modern Pink Floyd with a lot more rock.” Who doesn’t want a healthy dose of that??

Spaces on Bandcamp | FacebookWalk-In Records

Stay tuned for a Magic City update shortly, including tour dates and recording photos. Oh, and we have another special Knox Road surprise coming your way!

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