Elise Vatsvaag

It’s been a while since I’ve posted some straight up female singer/songwriter stuff, so I’m excited to have stumbled upon a goodie last weekend in Elise Vatsvaag. Vatsvaag, out of Norway,  is releasing a new (free) song on the 10th of every month for her album, This Is Not My Music. I took a strong liking to her March single, “Vena Amoris,” so now you find yourselves hearing about Vatsvaag. Isn’t it crazy how these things work?

Vatsvaag has a youthful, precious voice, sounding awfully similar to the Hsu twins of Knox Road favorite, Exit Clov.

Elise Vatsvaag – “Vena Amoris” [MP3]

Elise Vatsvaag – “Safe Play” [MP3]

Elise Vatsvaag on the web | Facebook

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