Notable Album Release: Denison Whitmer – “The Ones Who Wait”

Ten or more years ago I remember writing about Denison Witmer’s Of Joy and Sorrow and The 80’s EP and thinking that given another album or two this guy would be huge. As far as the singer-songwriter genre goes, Witmer had all the tools: thoughtful songs, mood-inducing music, and albums that always had a great aesthetic. He was the total package. It was just a matter of time for him.

Here we are in 2012 and unfortunately Denison Witmer isn’t a household name. The good news is he’s still releasing quality records. In March, Asthmatic Kitty will re-release Witmer’s latest album The Ones Who Wait. The record originally came out on Mono Vs. Stereo, but Asthmatic Kitty decided a rerelease would be a nice way to launch Witmer on their label. Witmer still has everything that made him special a decade ago. “Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall” documents what makes Witmer so compelling. Solid lyrics wrapped up in subtle but charismatic music. Take some time with Witmer’s music and you’ll find it’s always a rewarding listen.

Denison Witmer – “Brooklyn With Your Highest Wall” [MP3]

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